Gona take a swing at Golgari again!

Worm Harvest Noble with Dakmor Salvage and Noxious Revival uncommons.

Evolving Wilds, Terramorphic Expanse, Crop Rotation, Grisly Salvage, Harrow, Edge of Autumn, Scythe Tiger Land destruction! The more the merrier

Rampant Growth, Explore, Edge of Autumn, Harrow, Krosan Wayfarer Ramp to speed up the mana

Typhoid Rats , Scythe Tiger , and Carrion Feeder Early blockers. Carrion Feeder can be buffed up with the worms! (Name makes sense in this deck!)

Duress and Dash Hopes Control


Dakmor Salvage + Worm Harvest Discard for retrace, then dredge out every turn. Worms! Worms everywhere!

Noxious Revival + Worm Harvest Save the noble from any graveyard exiles. Even works while out of mana!

Carrion Feeder + Worm tokens... Nom nom nom.


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