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Wreck It Ralph (R/B Land Destruction/Burn)




Land destruction at its best. Don't be hating now!

Gameplan: Smooth, consistent and deadly, this deck has held its own against Tier 1 decks and is also so much fun (for me anyway) to play. This is my pet deck and it has taken a lot of testing and losses to get the curve right and to make it uber-competitive. With a CMC below 3 there is plenty to play every turn.

Land Destruction

The key to this deck is Smallpox which when dropped in turn 2 is the perfect start for it sets opponents back right from the get go (even moreso if they have a Birds of Paradise or other mana dork on the battlefield). That said it is situational and I only really play Smallpox if I have land in hand to catch up or play it later when they have a creature on the board. The worst play is when you remove your own land and never catch up again. Turn 3 the land removal really begins and then never stops - Molten Rain, Stone Rain and Rain of Tears. Roiling Terrain removes land as well as life and can usually determine the outcome of a game. Don't stop removing land until opponent has nothing left, absorbing whatever damage they care to hit with. Once their land is gone... the ascendency is yours if you have also removed their creatures as well.

Multiple Land Removal

Crumble to Dust (sideboard) is a Tron killer and is also useful against other decks that require non-basic lands to power their combos such as Valuket and Storm. Potentially removing four lands from the game this the best return of any card in this deck.


Rift Bolt is a great drop turn one and two in turn two for a good start. Turn three is land destruction and then with four lands in turn four the land destruction/burn combo with Stone Rain, Molten Rain, Rain of Tears + Lightning Bolt. I have included two copies of Thunderous Wrath in the mainboard simply because I get so much enjoyment from draining a quarter of my opponent's life with one card for one mana, the best return of any card in the deck and it can often make or break a game. Saying that, it is a pain when stuck with it in the opening hand or when pulled turn one for it is almost redundant - a chance I am happy to take. Shrine of Burning Rage (sideboard) stacks quickly and is a cool little finisher, usually hitting for 5-10 damage, sometimes more.


Anger of the Gods is the perfect sweeper and with 2 x Terminate and 4 x Lightning Bolt they can all help remove pesky early creatures. With Languish and Black Sun's Zenith in the sideboard there is some great removal to bring in to help take care of what might slip through the cracks.


Magnivore (sideboard) is literally a beast! A four drop with haste whose power/toughness is the total of all sorcery cards in graveyards, which means he hits very, very hard. With nearly thirty sorceries in this deck, he usually drops as a 10/10 or more. Zo-Zu the Punisher is the other cool creature in this deck, but I try to play him only when the land count is 5:0 or 5:1 in my favour. That way my opponent is forced to play land and therefore will always lose life, whilst my mana base is set with my deck totally playable at five lands. My favourite creature in this deck is Shivan Wumpus which provides opponents with a dilemma, to sacrifice a land or allow a 6/6 with trample to drop in turn 4. He is as beasty as Magnivore, and he fits so well with the theme of this deck - land removal. Bedlam Reveler is a nice addition for card draw for two mana mid-game and then he hits for 3 with prowess.

Planeswalker Win-Con

Koth of the Hammer fits perfectly in this deck as a Planeswalker finisher. Untapping a Mountain and turning it into a 4/4 red elemental creature is awesome if a grindy win is needed.


Bloodstained Mire (which I would like more of) and Foreboding Ruins help speed up my mana base, which contains no tapped lands - play testing proved them to be far too slow for this aggro land destruction deck. Running 22 lands including Smoldering Marsh.

How the deck stands up

This is a very consistent deck that performs well against most top tier decks, but I have had to play test it a lot and make changes to get the formula right. It has regularly beaten Death's Shadow Jund, R/G Valukut, Jeskai Control, Storm, Bant Eldrazi, Eldrazi Tron, Mono Blue Tron, Grixus Control, Elves, Mill and many others. Those decks that rely on fetch lands generally struggle against this deck as the life loss becomes too great. Not the best deck going around but it certainly is a competitive one that is fun to play (for me anyway) as it totally disrupts an opponent's gameplan right from turn one.

"I've got some wrecking to do!"- Wreck It Ralph



zephyr_chang says... #1

How much have you tested this deck so far and what are the results? The deck plays very few finishers and it does not seem to be able to close the game out fast enough. It also appears to have a terrible match-up against control. Some number of Anger of the Gods or even Damnation could be useful, and maybe Dreadbore against planeswalkers? Lastly, is there any reason why there aren't more Bloodstained Mire and Blood Crypt and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth in the land base? I goldfished this a few times and the mana is really shaky for turn 2 and 3 double red and double black.

May 1, 2017 2:07 a.m.

WoolfMan says... #2

Hey zephyr_chang thanks for your feedback. There's one reason only why the deck has none of the cards you listed as yet - $$$. Filling it slowly, but surely

May 1, 2017 6:37 a.m.

Mackdaddy301 says... #3

Played against this last night, nasty, nasty, nasty.....but fun!!!

May 3, 2017 5:40 p.m.

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