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I built this in preparation for boros in gatecrash! I just randomly thought of it when playing a junk token deck. But the key is to have Champion of the Parish out quickly and then spawn human tokens to beef him up and to get some weenie blockers. Intangible Virtue helps obviously. I tried to keep it pretty cheap mana cost with Increasing Devotion being the big drop of the deck (only one copy). Like RDW or or some versions of Rakdos Aggro they run Hellrider. He combos well with Thatcher Revolt.

On the sideboard I have Elite Inquisitors and Ash Zelots because I can't decide if I want them in there (hard to get out t2 with the double cost, and lack of dual lands at the moment). Also Stonewright is in there as a possible replacement for Reckless Waif  Flip. I want to use as many humans possible for Champion of the Parish's ability. Geist-Honored Monk and Sublime Archangel are just some other ides for some heavy hitters.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great!


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