Bringing synergies and pretty cool combos in the colors I hate . As a more competitive player or interactive player who enjoys tuned decks. My meta ends up viewing me as a degenerate of magic, because I play the casual format with Taboos. So, I thought to myself, what can I do to make the masses a bit happier when playing... well this idea blossumed in my mind... FAMILY FRIENDLY EDH. Building decks more focused on not needing the infinite combo to win and having more of a oh **** button instead. This is my second, version of this type of deck. The other being a yuriko burn deck which I shall post later! And so, I present you with my take on

The deck consists of two types of playing land control and token beat down. Having Emmara, Soul of the Accord as our commander gives us a early token generator, that synergies very well with Skullclamp, Mentor of the Meek, and Earthcraft type cards that force her to create tokens while still gaining another creature for the mana. Although, I have not focused the deck around her because that's pretty risky for shes pretty weak by herself. Giving no protection nor giving much utility. So, she is just a cheap engine we can abuse for advantage and also blockers for other players creatures.

The deck contains enough mana accelerates to have obtain them on a constant basis. Try not to focus on it to much because it doesn't offer to much to us since we are in a color that doesn't offer much card advantage except in lands. Which is why Horizon Canopy is our best friend.

Allowing us to draw cards equal to our land drop that turn using Azusa, Lost but Seeking. As long as we have some sort of recursion like Crucible of Worlds or Life from the Loam. You could also loop Strip Mine to control the speed of other players who are either ahead of you or giving you issues.

The win-cons are pretty straightforward order in the best chance of winning:

  1. Craterhoof Behemoth

  2. Throne of the God-Pharaoh

  3. Cathars' Crusade

  4. Archangel of Thune



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