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Game Day Match Report 2-1 —Aug. 6, 2017

MATCH REPORT 2-1 against Snek Deck

In the first game I got Key to the City on the field by Turn 2, and Neheb, the Worthy on Turn 3.

He had Liliana, the Last Hope out and kept giving Neheb -2/-1

He got Nissa, Voice of Zendikar out and made a 0/1 Plant. Liliana was on five.

I killed the Plant with Unlicensed Disintegration and redirected the three damage at Liliana . I now had one card left in hand, which meant that Neheb was 2/1. I attacked Liliana and killed her.

That felt sooooo good. Best play I've done in a while.

He killed Neheb with Grasp of Darkness and got rid of my Key to the City with Dissenter's Deliverance .

I had another Neheb in hand, which I played next go, and gave Haste with Hanweir Battlements . I attacked Nissa and he was forced to block with the Plant.

Next go he got out Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet and made another Plant.

On my Turn I decided to kill Kalitas with Grasp of Darkness , while he was TappedOut (TM). I attacked Nissa with Neheb , and was blocked by the Plant, again. I then played Metallic Mimic , and Bloodrage Brawler , with no cards left in hand that I needed to discard.

On his turn he notched Nissa up again, making one more Plant. He kept having no Creatures that he could give +1/+1 counters to with Nissa ..

Next turn I attacked Nissa with Neheb , and Metallic Mimic , and him with Bloodrage Brawler .

He decided to let Nissa die, and protect his life total with the Plant.

Next turn he put Tireless Tracker on the field.

On my turn I played Neheb, the Eternal and then hit him with Neheb, the Worthy , Metallic Mimic , and Bloodrage Brawler .

He blocked Tireless Tracker with Metallic Mimic , then used Fatal Push to kill Neheb, the Worthy , and ANOTHER Fatal Push to kill Bloodrage Brawler .

On his turn he played a Hissing Quagmire .

On my next go I got ANOTHER Neheb, the Worthy in hand and cast it. I gave it Haste with Hanweir Battlements .

I then attacked with it and Neheb, the Eternal , who I informed my Opponent was now a 6/6 with First Strike and Afflict 3.

He asked why the attaching Creature was a 6/6.

I always get my Opponent to read the Neheb, the Worthy card whenever I play it, telling them that it has "a lot going on".

I also announce everything I do. To me Magic is a game of skill, not memory.

I have confidence that my decks are strong enough to win, with my Opponent having all the knowledge needed to respond to my attacks.

So, in this case, I was able to remind my Opponent about how Neheb, the Eternal was receiving buffs from Neheb, the Worthy .

He activated his Hissing Quagmire to block Neheb, the Eternal , taking 3 from the Afflict, and an extra 4 from Neheb, the Worthy .

I was TappedOut (TM), but Neheb, the Eternal had given me extra mana through it's ability, so I was able to cast Metallic Mimic on my second Main phase.

From there it was pretty much a case of me having enough removal to kill any Creature he brought out, and me hitting him with pumped up Minotaurs until he was dead.

I was going to Side against him, but changed my mind.

He was able to get a much better draw than me, ending up with Winding Constrictor followed by Walking Ballista , then Verduous Gearhulk shortly after.

There was one point where I would have won if I could draw into an Ahn-Crop Crasher , but it was not to be.

I Sided for the third game.

He had to mulligan down to five. Later he told me that he had Sided a bunch of removal in, and none really came to hand.

He did get rid of my first couple of Creatures - a Metallic Mimic , followed by Neheb, the Worthy , and Minotaur Sureshot .

I was able to get an Ahn-Crop Crasher to stick.

I got some hits in with that, while killing a few of his Creatures with removal.

Eventually he got a board state where he had three Winding Constrictors on the field.

I was able to dispatch one with Abrade , then Exerted an Ahn-Crop Crasher , and hit with that and a Bloodrage Brawler . He blocked the Ahn-Crop Crasher but I played a Supernatural Stamina to keep it out of the Graveyard. He lost a second Winding Constrictor , as a result.

Next turn he got out a Tireless Tracker . I had the good fortune of getting a second Ahn-Crop Crasher in hand.

I waited until both my Ahn Crop Crashers weren't Exerted, then Exerted them both. He blocked my Bloodrage Brawler , killing it, but I now had him down to two life.

He was too afraid to attack, for fear that I would get a Creature on the field, give it Haste with Hanweir Battlements , and kill him next turn. He did play a Grim Flayer , and had Delerium.

On my go I picked up an Unlicensed Disintegration . My plan was to use it to clear away a blocker, then double Exert next turn for the win.

He decided not to attack on his turn.

I drew a Metallic Mimic , cast it, hit his remaining Winding Constrictor with my Unlicensed Disintegration , and dealt three damage to him for the game.

He's a REALLY nice guy, so I did feel a bit sad that his draw hadn't gone better, but I was chuffed when he said, "That deck gets out of control very quickly."

Unfortunately StuBi and I had other plans for the afternoon, so we couldn't play any more matches.

It was a shame, in a way. I would have liked to have seen if I could have beaten some of the people there, who had beaten me on Saturday.

zapsdiputs says... #1

I've been staring at this deck for ages now. I love it. I'm just going to be bummed when the faster lands and Grasp is rotated out. I'm super interested to see more results because my friends just don't think this deck can hold up in competitive play. I've been mulling over instants and sorcery cards like Cut / Ribbons (that Ribbons has proven ridiculously useful for me for end game if I'm not using Fling) or Claim / Fame (which can bring back Bloodrage and Mimic because people sure do love to remove any creature with 2CMC), that have been useful in the small amount of test plays I've had. Still remains a +1 from me, cheers!

August 5, 2017 1:08 p.m.