Wort is dope.

I have seen a lot of hate for ol’ Wort momma on the webs, so I decided to try and break her. Introducing my most recent meme tier cEDH deck.

Plan A:

Use Wort’s unique ability to copy and cast two Eldritch Evolutions, Finale of Devastations, or Chord of Callings to fetch her son, Kiki-doyouloveme-Jiki and his army of occasionally over-Zealous but always gorgeous Conscripts.

Plan B:

Conspire a Finale pumped by 10+ x2 with a bunch of creatures out to give them all +20 or more and Haste and Alpha whack everyone. Yikes!

Oh, and on the way, blow up or choke some islands and mess up that pesky fast mana crap. I’m out!



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