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Worship the Legends

A deck that revels in Bant's one true power: defense.

Objective: play both Worship and a hexproof creature. It is unbelievable how many outs there are in any meta against it: almost none.

So, this is a meta breaker.

Our one true enemy: mainboard Maelstrom Pulse.

This deck is really, REALLY competitive. It's main weakness is a fast early game with no answers in hand.

The game continuity is ensured by Dragonlord Ojutai. His ability garantees that we are always digging for threats and answers.

Commune with the Gods allows us to search for our bubble effectively, almost always guaranteeing that we try to smash Worship on turn 3 or 4.


Updates Add

Swapped Ajani's Presence for Leyline of Sanctity. This allows us to deepen into the deck's strategy, which is reducing the interaction. Ajani's presence was a meek response to a single kind of effect: wraths. But we have the trolls exactly for that reason, to regenerate through wrath effects. Ajani's was useless.

Swapped Natural State for Aura of Silence. Our deck needs time. While natural state is an amazing time and does gives us some time, it's major focus isn't hindered: affinity. Aura of silence grants us a LOT of time to act. After we are done acting, blow it up and remove major threats. It also fits perfectly our search shell: enchantment rather than instant, which means we can effectively dig for it instead on depending on draw.

Swapped Eternal Witness for Memory's Journey. This is based on heavy milling I am doing on myself. Memory's Journey allows me to reshuffle straight from the graveyard, stopping milling strategies. Eternal Witness was too conditional and I barely ever used it, being a wasted space in my sideboard. If Memory's Journey turns to be marginal, I can reduce it by one or just remove it overall and try a different approach.

New cards on test:

  • Geist of Saint Traft (1 or 2 replacing a troll ascetic and one of the Thruns). It's a beatstick, nothing else. If we use two, the other Thrun will probably move to the sideboard. While Troll is better at a defensive stand point, I do need to win... eventually.

  • Benefaction of Rhonas: Might go in place of Telling Time. One more mana is bad. Sorcery speed is horrible... But that fetch really narrows down our strategy. The tests will tell us if consistency in relation to speed is beneficial to the overall strategy.


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