Wolf aggro. That's about it. I would run Bonfire of the Damned but I don't have it :/

comments would be cool



Fibbe says... #1

I'd suggest more Revenge of the Hunted , it's the green Bonfire of the Damned , you should really try getting 4 of each of those (assuming you can fit them in).

Also, Wolfir Avenger is a huge beast and hard to kill, and it randomly kills something, and I think it's better than Briarpack Alpha , costing one less mana and regenerating.

Speaking of killing, Ulvenwald Tracker , you have 8 creatures that gives your cratures +1/+1, and 3 12/12 creatures, Fight Bear could quire possibly just let you kill everything your opponent plays.

And in your sideboard, card:Tormod's Crypt instead of Nihil Spellbomb , and I'd personally add som Beast Within s somewhere in the 75, and possibly some Zealous Conscripts .

July 29, 2012 7:58 p.m.

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