Modern Aggro RG (Gruul)

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The Main Description

Aggro, aggro and more aggro. Get off to a quick start in the early game, then finish of the late game with cards like Wolfir Silverheart. And yes, it's possible to have an unblockable creature without blue. I would also prefer not to put any cards that are non-wolf, as this is basically wolf tribal.

The Battle Plan

The Times In The Game

  • Turn one, you usually want to start with an Arbor Elf, but it's not horribly terrible if you don't drop him T1. Basically just put some pressure on the opponent early, make them use some of their kill spells if they have any on your more minor threats. Another great 1 drop is Young Wolf, as he can come back after a board wipe, then get beefed up by an Increasing Savagery.

  • Mid game you want to be dropping Immerwolf or Wolfir Avenger. Something that can hang with all those other mid gamers like Thragtusk. I honestly think Wolfir Avenger can hang with the great swagtusk. I mean, with regen he beats him in a fight.

  • Late game you want to be playing Wolfir Silverheart, or miracling a huge Bonfire of the Damned. Flashbacking Increasing Savagery is also never a non-factor.

The Win Cons

  • Descendants' Path. This card can win games on its own. Don't believe me? Playtest. With the right reveals, this card wins the game.

  • Kessig Wolf Run. This is kind of a side win condition, as it's only a two off, but with enough mana,this card can give insane boosts.

  • Wolfir Silverheart is basically THEY game ender for this deck. Drop him, and your opponent is immediately put on a clock.

Huntmaster of the Fells

I have gotten LOTS of comments telling me to put this card in, and I did. Yet, I'm still on the fence. I'm not sure what I think of this card, as

and that don't go together very well. I know it's a powerful card, but I'm not sure if it deserves to be in here in place of some more reliable cards, or cutting it to bring this deck down to an even sixty. I also realize that it creates a wolf which can be be boosted by Immerwolf. I see it being VERY good without Immerwolf (as we all know it is), but since Immerwolf is a key part in this deck, I don't want huntmaster stopping me playing him. I would say something that is ALSO worth mentioning is Jarrheadd0s comment:

I understand. But both will be large targets. If you only have two Huntmasters in the deck, it's not like they'll coincide a whole lot. And even if they do, is 2 life, a 2/2 wolf, 3 to face, and 2 to a creature in addition to a 4/4 trampler such a bad deal for 4 mana?

Maybe Some Troublesome Decks

As always, the control vs. aggro matchup comes up again. Control is going to be the worst matchup for this deck, as it can race any other aggro deck out there. Board wipes are painful, are there any suggestions for stopping the control matchup?


Well, with the release of two new sets, are there any cards you think I should add? Ghor-Clan Rampage? Rubblebelt Raiders? Give me some comments!



Clean up them comments!


+1 wolf tribal is the shiz. I wanted to suggest Alpha Authority in place of Rancor. With Pyreheart Wolf out it makes your creature unblockable and the protection from the hexproof will help save your really valuable dudes.

December 16, 2015 6:15 p.m.

Plus thematically you really can't beat alpha status in a wolf pack.

December 16, 2015 6:16 p.m.

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