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With harmony we strike (DD: Selesnya vs Dimir)

Casual* Budget Casual GW (Selesnya) Theme/Gimmick Tokens Vorthos


Selesnya part of Duel Decks: Selesnya vs Dimir. Dimir deck is here: In stealth we trust (DD: Selesnya vs Dimir)

Dimir-Selesnya conflict was one of the most prominent and throughout in Ravnican history. Additionally, my friend and I belong to respective guilds, so I was totally obliged to create this. I love the final result, and I greatly appreciate the amount of experience I gathered while delving into the card pool.

I'm actually glad Guilds of Ravnica kept the Convoke and even put it on some fresh spins. It's a great, flavorful mechanic which can fill the curve smoother and I welcome it here strongly.

Insight on card usability/flavor, gladly provided.

Mythic Rare:

Armada Wurm: Well, I know the first candidate on getting an alternate art for sure, as per WOTC DuelDecks policy. Its d*ckwurmness aside, this is a neat representative of Selesnyan strategy: lay down great power for low cost and beat face in the name of harmony. Fortunately, the Dimir have the tools to deal with it, so it doesn't become too overwhelming, but require at least two cards to get rid of it completely. Exactly the thing I am looking for.


Venerated Loxodon: Oh yes. They should have made more Convoke-interactive cards like this one. Flavor is superb, as is his functionality: you can squeeze a cheap creature along with him for no cost, and have it ask him for strength immediately. The counters can help breaking through defenders the Dimir usually have.

Scion of Vitu-Ghazi: Bless this. Even if it's dealt with, you still have the birds. And the birds are important. I specifically meant Selesnya deck to have meager air defense: only able to chump-block bigger flying baddies to buy you time on the ground.

Wayfaring Temple: Becomes a kill rare with Fists of Ironwood, and isn't half bad even without that. A primary target for removal.

Fleecemane Lion: The decks became stronger, and this one replaced Call of the Conclave, though earlier I deemed it too powerful. The lion packs everything you would want: excellent early game, and becomes an unkillable machine if you have spare mana and it lived for so long. Beware of Dimir instant killspells in response to his monstrosity, though.

Assure / Assemble: I was hesitant to include this one at first because of yet another type of tokens, but its versatility trumped my doubts in the end. Both halves are very much usable at different points of the game: Assure can help you turn combat in your favor or break through walls Dimir like to build, and Assemble is a wonderful topdeck later.


Attended Knight: I'm so glad I could find a home for this card. I love it for some reason. Here it shines, essentially costing one mana if used to summon other convoke spells. Also, a neat little fact: she has an archnemesis - Nekrataal. Bonus style points if they engage in a duel of death :)

Avacyn's Pilgrim: Pilgrim is such a natural fit for Selesnya. A mana dork never hurts, even though it's partially redundant with convoke.

Centaur Healer: A small chunk of lifegain on a decent-costet creature - we need such ones too.

Civic Wayfinder: This card just feels right here.

Eagle of the Watch: Not a clear flavor fit, per se, yet a neat mechanical one. Vigilance synergises with convoke (I didn't really think about it before Guilds of Ravnica, but now it's just perfect). Also trades with Nightveil Sprite or chump-blocks a flying beater if necessary.

Gallant Cavalry: I eventually chose this one instead of Call the Cavalry. For synergy with Dimir cards, as strange that would seem, Evil Twin and Necromantic Summons/Body Double, specifically. That aside, Cavalry provides two bodies for vigilant convoke, and that is perfect.

Jade Mage: Mana sinks are very welcome, so is this one. Flavor is also a hit.

Knight of the Skyward Eye: See above. Plus, his artwork is so harmonious that I'm in love with him. Always wanted to find a home for him too.

Ledev Champion: At first glance I thought it wouldn't do any good. I was wrong. He's like a substitute for convoke, yet this time your creatures are used as pump, not as lands. Summoning-sick creatures could also be tapped for his ability, mind you, as could utility pumpers as Seedcradle Witch which otherwise would be slaughtered in combat. Vigilancers shine with him too, being able to attack AND tap for his ability. Aaand on top of that he can occassionally make a token.

Leonin Armorguard: I don't think there are catpeople on Ravnica, yet he goes along with the main theme so much it's forgivable.

Living Totem: His cheap convoke cost allows him to fit into your curve greatly, and you'll be amazed how often does that meager +1/+1 counter matter. Plus, that's totally a Selesnyan elemental.

Rosemane Centaur: He may be a little bland, yet he's a convoke card that feels great to use.

Seedcradle Witch: She may be not from Ravnica, but damn if she doesn't feel Selesnyan to the core. Having options is always welcome, and her ability is just that: Options. I had this little lady help to win a game more times than I can count.

Selesnya Evangel: Not really a mana sink, she's more your curve filler, allowing you to use the chunks of mana not fitting into the curve otherwise. And build a small army while you are at that.

Selesnya Guildmage: Out of three selesnyan guildmages, the original proved to be most Duel-Deckish. Both of his abilities are good mana-sinks.

Siege Wurm: This one is a real threat to Dimir deck, and can be summoned as early as turn 4 with ideal setup. (also thank Guilds of Ravnica for providing us with a non-d*ckwurm art)

Silhana Starfletcher: Not a stellar card, but his ramp can sometimes come in handy to summon an Armada Wurm, and I meant his reach to be a countermeasure to enemy fliers (stops the Sprite, with some help he can block Spybug, chump-blocks big fliers if you are desperate).

Steward of Valeron: Vigilance-convoke synergy implemented in one card?

Sumala Woodshaper: Yes, I welcome her in a Duel Deck. She may be slightly underpowered, but she's replacing herself with a card of your choice and provides a 2/1 body (yeah, sometimes four all-lands happen, but at least you were relieved of topdecking that shit). An improvement over Llanowar Empath (if you don't count -1 toughness) and that one was already Duel Deck worthy.

Sunblade Elf: Yet another brilliant Selesnyan fit. His pump ability has ended many games.

Yeva's Forcemage: His ETB pump is good for gameplay. His +2/+2 bonus is visible outright, but that doesn't make it bad in any way. Cards that lead the opponent to think "do I sacrifice my blocker on this, or do I take that sudden damage" are much better than underhanded instant tricks from DD perspective.

Blossoming Defense: I may seem contradicting myself with the very description above, but yes, this thing is also necessary. Sometimes Dimir are too unstoppable with their manipulation, and this little card throws a small wrench in their plans then and there. It's a good pump also, so it is usable not only as a hexproof provider.

Devouring Light: My personal favorite of Selesnya removal. It's very appealing and fitting.

Reciprocate: Yes, it requires you to take a hit from that pesky Shadowmage Infiltrator or something else, but it really gets along with Selesnya flavor: not agression, yet retribution.

Conclave Tribunal: Concluding the removal list is this beautiful thing, replacing Banishing Light. Some things just need to be exiled, and the Tribunal is to help you with that.

Selesnya Charm: Mostly used for its +2/+2 trample mode. Sometimes you'll make the knight and be perfectly happy with it if you haven't got anything else to do turn 2, and occassionally Dimir will steal/copy your wurms and this will come in handy. Versatility is bliss, and most charms including this one are great for that.

Fists of Ironwood: Keep in mind you can even attach this to an opponent's creature if you are desperate. Though on a creature of your own, such as Wayfaring Temple, it is undoubtely better. Is essentially a free card when casting a convoke spell on the same turn.

Commune with Nature: I'm amazed by how naturally does this fit into this Duel Deck. Never a bad topdeck, and even a viable option early in the game, this card is pure perfection.

Flower / Flourish: Another brilliant example of a split card. Upped the count to two, because having one of these and a basic land in your hand ensures a smooth start, and that's the sort of conditions I'm pursuing. Good games with least number of mulligans for everyone! Flourish part is usually a great topdeck, and a game ending one at that.

Harmonize: Yet another natural DD fit. Great topdeck? Check. Flavor win? Check. Usefulness? Check.

Honorable mentions:

Trostani Discordant: I would love to have her here, even though the art is worse compared to the old version. But that means I would have to include Lazav, the Multifarious as Dimir Mythic to mirror her, and I've already elaborated on Dimir deck why that isn't an option.

Mentor of the Meek: You see, early in the development he was stellar, because he allowed to refill the hand when at topdecking mode. But as convoke creatures crept into the deck, I've found that I rarely have the mana to pay, nor do I need those cards that much. Otherwise, the Mentor is just a Gray Ogre, and so he was cut.

Citadel Castellan, Topan Freeblade: With Dimir deck getting too many X/3 defenders, the impact of these ladies was lessened greatly. Had to cut them, not without regret, as their art and flavor fits.


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