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Wiping Your Own Board Never Felt So Good

Vintage* Casual Combo Theme/Gimmick W/B (Orzhov)



Okay, now I'm just being a douchebag.

I think it's safe to say that my new favorite cards are ones that have some way to win the game on them. Chance Encounter , Epic Struggle, Near-Death Experience...

And now Barren Glory!

Now, I know what you're thinking. "Runlue, what the absolute ballsacks. This card is impossible to trigger, because there aren't any cards that you can wipe the board and have this stay on the field.* Are you TRYING to make yourself look stupid?"

Heheheh, NO, SHUTUP.

I'm a Johnny, and Johnnies love combos. 'Nuff said. This deck is probably the most combo focused out of all of the decks I've made so far... yet.

So, let's get to it, shall we?

Turn 1: Scry land, set up the draw.

Turn 2: Land, some stupid creature or something.

Turn 3: Repeat turn 2.

Turn 4: Academy Rector.

Turn 5: Cast a 1-4 cmc spell, and keep 1 black mana open. At the end of your opponents turn, cast Dark Ritual, using the 3 black mana to cast Kaervek's Spite , sac your entire board, exile the Rector, and put Barren Glory on the field. You win!

Congratulations me! I've just found a way to make this stupid card actually work for once! I'm so special! :D....... I need a life...

Liliana Vess is in here for one purpose... YOU DON'T HAVE A COMBO PIECE!... Dang, I really AM a Johnny...

Well, that's all for this week, I'm running out of ideas, so, someone, HELP ME.

If you don't I'm going back to Standard, and I'm not sure if you want me back at standard.

*If you actually find a card that does this, please send a comment. I will most likely hug you through the interwebs.


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Lord, this deck is funner than I thought it would be. I played a few games against two different people on Untap to test it. 1 of them thought it was an awesome and fun looking deck, the other now despises me. LOL

So, both of these games went pretty much the same, but I played against a Temur Combo deck, going 1-1, since he had to leave early. The other guy was running a mono red Dwarf tribal deck. I beat him 1-0. He was the one that didn't like me, as obvious as it is. He claimed this would never beat any real deck, but now I want to give it a go in the Legacy part of the internet... so I'm preparing to have my booty be ripped to shreds by ALLLL of the blue decks. But I think this deck is hilariously fun when it comes to the kitchen table, but also too expensive for it. So if you want to make this deck, please make it solely online, because this will be a waste of time IRL... unless you already have all of the cards, in which case I envy you. LOL


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