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WinterVise Burn: A Song of Ice and Fire

Legacy Aggro Budget Burn Competitive Mono-Red Red Deck Wins


When you see the word "burn", you're usually thinking of ruthless, fast aggression and fiery direct damage spells.

But what if I tell you that we're playing a card that's quite the opposite? Show

This card severely slows the game down, which is something that an aggressive burn deck never wants. (And trust me, we are playing an "aggressive burn deck")

What's the second piece of the puzzle? Show

It slows the game even more by punishing players for playing lands.

So what does all this lead up to?

You probably know the answer by now: Show

I guess we can all agree that Black Vise is a fun card. You can abuse it if you build a janky combo deck around it. It usually involves quick ramp, forced card draw, bounce spells, and Reliquary Tower effects. A friend of mine has one such deck. Now, it can kill by turn 3 with the nut draw, but usually, it fails because you simply draw dead without a Vise.

Thus, I am not looking to abuse the card but instead to fit it into a burn shell as a useful addition.

So, as you have seen, the combo is Vise + Orb + Ankh.

It's really quite simple. Winter Orb makes everyone stuck on mana, which prevents people from casting many spells. Ankh of Mishra deals damage to a player whenever they play a land, which punishes them for trying to reduce the mana deficiency caused by Winter Orb. This means they'll either have a bunch of cards stuck in hand or will take a ton of damage. Stick a Black Vise and they'll take damage no matter what they do.

The traditional burn creatures are also great since Eidolon of the Great Revel punishes players that play cheap spells (which are the only spells they can play with Winter Orb out) and Goblin Guide occasionally draws them lands, which becomes a cool upside with Black Vise in play (even better with Ankh of Mishra. Play the land and take Ankh damage or hold it and take Vise damage? Now, that is the question. And there's also Monastery Swiftspear because why not, it's a burn deck.

The rest is just a bunch of good burn. A playset of Lightning Bolt, Price of Progress, and Fireblast, a couple Chain Lightnings, and three copies of Shrapnel Blast. We also have two Mishra's Baubles for free cantripping and enabling Shrapnel Blast.

Mana bases in Legacy are usually overloaded with fetches for "deck thinning" but is it really worth the life and the cash? I think not. Thus, we just have 17 mountains and a couple Great Furnace for more consistency with Shrapnel Blast.

Our sideboard is relatively simple. Pyrostatic Pillar for more Eidolon effects, Red Elemental Blast to deal with blue decks, Searing Blood to kill creatures, Tormod's Crypt as graveyard hate, and Smash to Smithereens to destroy artifacts (which is extremely important against things like Chalice). Sulfuric Vortex and The Flame of Keld my seem a little weird, but they're mostly reserved for additional inevitability in matchups where the opponent tries to survive, stall the board, and win in the late game. Cough cough, Stasis.

Overall, this deck is very easy to play and quite consistent, plus it's a lot more fun than normal burn decks. Also, $150-200 (depending on where you purchase the deck) is an amazing price for a deck that's competitive enough to go 5-0 in competitive Legacy leagues!


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