So the feedback for my "Something Smells Fishy" deck was less than ideal, which means, I spent about 15 minutes thinking up a new, weird deck idea to have fun with in Standard format. I welcome any/all comments, even negative ones, as long as you're constructive and help the idea along (even if you're helping it along to the scrapyard).

The basic premise here is to run with Shimian Specter - I don't know how this card isn't seeing more play - and exile a LOT of the opponent's deck. The key is to keep them unblockable, which can be achieved with Artful Dodge, Ghostform or even more permanently with Tricks of the Trade . You swing with the Specter(s), they're unblockable, BAM you're getting a Surgical Extraction without any mana cost that you can repeat. They pull a Mana Leak and you don't want to worry about those any more, DONE! I'm also liking this idea because I can make my Specter unblockable, cast Unsummon on their favorite creature, and BAM, yank them too.

Deranged Assistant and Gilded Lotus help do a little bit of ramping (I know the lotus costs five, but it provides three mana), as the four drop spot is really packed, but outside of using Heartless Summoning I'm not really sure how to fix that (comments welcome there).

Evil Twin works to either take out their Legends via the Legend rule or to copy the best creature on the field, and then take out theirs. Either that or they give me 3x more specters. Talrand, Sky Summoner is really just in here to be another target for them to worry about - and if he happens to create some drakes along the way, that's just an added bonus.

Lastly, the only remaining challenge is to keep cards in the opponent's hand. Enter Sign in Blood and Bloodgift Demon.Anyway, I'm open to any thoughts on yet another odd idea.


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