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Who doesn't love silly win conditions. How about silly win conditions that work by some miraculous turn of events?

I love them. Allow me to introduce Jalira Win Con or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bearer.

This isn't just any win con. This is M.A.D. (mutually assured destruction) win con.

 photo french-nuclear-blast_zpsebb8fb4n.jpg

How does it work you ask?

Let me introduce you to my mad M.A.D.

The idea here is to get Jalira, Master Polymorphist out and sacrifice a token. Doesn't matter which one. Then bring in Bearer of the Heavens.

Optimal time to do this is at the end of your opponents turn.

You have cards to to create sacrifical tokens. Like Dragon Fodder or Raise the Alarm.

Along with non-creature counters like Swan Song, Negate, and Stubborn Denial you can keep Jalira on the field long enough for win con. So what is win con. Here it comes.

You get Bearer on the field at the end of your opponents turn and at the beginning of your next sacrifice him. To bring out Bearer number 2. I'm sure I know what your thinking at them point.

 photo resize_zps4v7u4qmi.jpg

But you would be wrong. It is at this point you cast Ajani's Presence or Gift of Immortality.

Then 'Murica happens.

Your M.A.D. becomes...

 photo xVmSKy0_zpszgb5p50j.jpg

The previous Bearer's ability triggers at the end step and everything goes. Land, creatures, permanent, gone. Minus the Indestructible ones. For the instances you do run into indestructible crap you side Devouring Light.

if you pulled off this win con with gift then he wipes the field at the end of every end step. Because you can choose how triggers go on your cards you can have gift attach to Bearer before it's trigger happens resulting in Bearer dieing with gift every time and a free field every time. With Ajani you just have a 10/10 hilarity to stomp with before they can come back from 'Murica devastation.

Remember Win Con is best Con.


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