Hey guys. This is my first deck here, so I am looking forward to any criticisms. I am fairly new to magic, so I realise it may be quite bad, but I don't want to veer off the main idea of the deck. I want it to start off slow, with a bit of disruption to prevent the enemy from hitting me and doing a few damage over the first 3-4 turns. After that I want it to very quickly speed up and start killing things fast by combining lots of smaller utility cards, such as Niblis of the Urn , Lingering Souls and Stormbound Geist , and then cards like Drogskol Captain and Rally the Peasants to have a load of 4/4 hexproof flyers for a turn. If I get in trouble I can use Faith's Shield and Skillful Lunge to boost and protect my creatures, or Curse of Exhaustion for a bit of control. If I can, Geist of Saint Traft works wonders with Rally the Peasants when it attacks because the 4/4 angel gets the bonus too, meaning he gains double the benefit. Any advice welcome, thanks in advance!


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