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Wight of Precinct Six Mill





  1. Mill Them!
  2. Use Jace's Phantasm and Wight of Precinct Six to hit them hard.
  3. Control the board with Winds of Rebuke.
  4. Supernatural Stamina Works well to trade while your creatures are blocking or being blocked,can be used when your opponent casts a spell that will destroy one of your creatures also works as a blink.
  5. Paranoid Delusions works well ciphering Jace's Phantasm.
  6. Balustrade Spy synergizes with Supernatural Stamina to trade minions and also blink it and you can Winds of Rebuke him as well if you think its needed.
  7. Gurmag Angler late game.
  8. Cartouche of Ambition amazing with Wight of Precinct Six, allways play it against aggro decks.
  9. Grisly Spectacle great against eldrazis and combo decks because of the high power that the creatures gets.
  10. And remenber your main goal is to bring you opponent life to 0, Milling is a second win condition.
  11. If you cant kill your opponent and decide mill is the best option use Drowner Initiate from the side


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