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What we have here is a big ol' penta-color deck full of cards that are terrible but have pontential to be the best. Basically what's going on is you're trying to give things away with the true commander of the deck, Zedruu the Greathearted (or something like him). Then you've got your seemingly bad cards like Phyrexian Dreadnought, who becomes a jaw-droppingly good card with stuff like Torpor Orb. But wait, there's more!!! Once you start throwing out big junk like that for cheap people target the crap out of your Torpor Orb and similar permanents, which is for the most part planned for.Then you've got the clear for retaliation moves to show them how two negatives make a positive for you by making horrible enter effects happen on their field. I did make a better version that's pretty fine tuned What's good for bad

P.S. the cards that search for any land are mainly for Homeward Path, but can be situationally used for Inventors' Fair (topor orb), Mortuary Mire (bringing child of alara back), or just a tri-color land for mana fixing

Fun combo Shenanigans?

I guess I've got a few spoilers

The Humpy Humpty Dumpty

Summoner's Egg while imprinting a bad card (Leveler) and giving it to someone with something like Bazaar Trader. Once you give them this egg you can just sit around smiling because no one else knows how screwed they are if it breaks. Mwahaha eggcellent!

The green grass of the other side

Stifle or another instant to prevent triggered abilities (or if someone kills your Torpor Orb, Tocatli Honor Guard) to cast out Sky Swallower. Then share the fun with Fractured Identity. If you're 1 v.s. 1 then your take every permanent on their board, if its multiplayer then everyone has to give everything they have to someone else.

The Richard Nixion

Homeward Path and Humble Defector or Witch Engine. Basically like telling everyone you're going to help them and listen to their needs but then taking it all for yourself. Typical politician stuff, not too powerful but helps set up the idea to convey tricky dick (c'mon it's a nixion joke)

Tricky Dick

Wormfang Manta or Eater of Days, cast either out but dont take the negative effect. Then donate control of Unhallowed Pact\Fool's Demise or just use Endless Whispers to make it enter under someone else. Xathrid Demon can be a sac outlet to make it happen yourself or you can block with it and have the threat of if you attack, Ill block and have you skip your turn. Homeward Path ) will help keep the chain going. Which is kinda like running someones time short, right? Anyways it gets around cards like Ugin's Nexus since you arent taking extra turns, just skipping other players turns


Updates Add

Does anyone know of a card like the Charmbreaker Devils that is maybe a little cheaper to cast? (maybe not random either)

oh and i think drawing a bunch of cards and making Tempting Wurm enter on an opponents field would be legit if I can find the right card to make me draw


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