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Why don’t more EDH decks care about combat :(

Commander / EDH Aggro Infinite Combo RW (Boros)



A WIP for Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice. I absolutely adore the flavor of her new card, “mentoring” (literally) individual combatants from behind the lines, helping them grow to be as good as if not better than her. So of course, I had to build it.

The unrepentant aggro of Boros decks has always appealed to me. Yes, it has some serious flaws. It can be unresponsive and run out of gas quickly. So that’s why we just end the game before that happens! Either by blowing folks out with 10,000 points of combat damage or by getting blown out by a timely Cyclonic Rift, the point of the deck is to never stop trying. I do run a few Infinite Combat Steps combo pieces, but it’s by no means a priority in the deck. They’re more like...sprinkles. Or frosting. Nice to look at, makes everyone go “Oooh!” but not where the bulk of the substance lies.

HMU with critiques or suggestions if you got them! :)


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