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I played around with user:UGplayerWillie's deck:Goyf-on-Demand and I came up with this deck. It has the same workings as the other deck but with a few tweaks. I love this type of deck and trying to find a name for this archetype if you have any ideas and like the deck please leave comments and +1.


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I went to my local FNM and went 2-2 and then I dropped because it was no use when most of the time it takes at least a 4-1 record to top 8.

Round 1: went up against Esper Spirits, record 2-1

Game 1: I lost horribly. Too many tokens to take care of.

Game 2: He was at 6 life and I was at 2 after he attacked with a 4/4 captain and a doomed traveler witch I blocked with my guttersnipe. At the end of his turn he has 2 captains 5 spirit tokens and the enchantment that gives +1/+1 to flying creatures, I play ranger's guile targeting my guttersnipe and deals two damage to him. He is now at 4 life. My turn I untap my 3 lands and devil's play him for 2 and guttersnipe for the win.

Game 3: I win after 3 board wipes and a nevermore naming guttersnipe, but I still manage the win.

Results: All the games were fun and close.

Round 2: RDW, record 1-2

I didn't get the right spells at the right time to take down the fast nature of the deck.

Round 3: Grixis Control, record 2-1

Very close matches, the only reason I lost was to a Tamiyo alt.

Round 4: Home brew of I don't know what. Record 1-2

It was a weird deck the ran the 2 mana token producing cards, Battle Hymn to produce mana for Past in Flames and Burn at the Stake for the win.

Final Results: I need to find a way to take care of aggro based decks and I had fun.


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