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Who needs a hand when they're dead?




Ah standard. A place where I can play Magic the Gathering without stupid- wait what?!? What do you mean I'm dead turn 3! Yep folks, Turn 3 wins in standard is uhm... Frustrating? Nah its just dumb. Glass cannon like and dumb. Turn one Foreboding Ruins revealing a Swamp or any form of red, and play Flameblade Adept. Turn 2 Blooming Marsh or a green, play Noose Constrictor, swing 1 with Flameblade Adept. Turn 3 swing Noose Constrictor and Flameblade Adept if they are unblocked, discard 4, leaving Shadow of the Grave in hand. So they both get +4 power. That's 6 and 5 coming in. Then return everything using Shadow of the Grave. Then discard your hand, another 8 extra power and swing for 19, making them very dead and you very happy, (Or ashamed of a turn 3 standard win). Isn't Magic fun?


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Illegal cards Bloodrage Brawler , Dread Wanderer , Flameblade Adept , Grim Strider , Harsh Mentor , Hazoret the Fervent , Insult / Injury , Shadow of the Grave
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