"The Vedalken saw the Myr as toys, unaware of the intelligence lurking behind their empty eyes."

(From the flavor text of Silver Myr)

They Aren't Toys.

This is a little artifact-based Myr tribal deck that I created a while ago. It utilizes both the "strength in numbers" idea and the fun abilities that make the Myr so special, getting a lot of Myr creature tokens onto the battlefield very quickly and then running beatdown on the opponent(s) for the rest of the game. I've seen most of the well-known Myr combos; all I would want is some random, far-fetched, crazy combo that would be super hard for an opponent to deal with. (It doesn't even have to be with Myrs, any combos with Duplicant or, say, a golem for all I care. It just has to be fun. XD)

First introducing the Myr tribe in the Mirrodin Block, WOTC designed the creature type to be full of smaller creatures that utilized unique abilities in order to compensate for their low power and toughness. However, even with their abilities, few Myrs (Barring Coretapper and Myr Retriever) saw extensive play. That was until the Scars of Mirrodin block. With the release of SOM, the Myr became notorious in the standard format for having an infinite combo in a tribe that, previously, was nearly unheard of. (Myr Battlesphere also debuted in Scars of Mirrodin, so that's likely part of it as well.) I tried to take full advantage of their unique abilities while constructing this deck, adding infinite combos and crazy synergies, utilizing the Myr's powerful activated and triggered abilities.
Here are a few of the most notable combinations. Note that not all of the potential combos are listed.
  • Infinite Mana: Two Myr Galvanizers and Palladium Myr. Palladium provides mana so that the Galvanizers can repeatedly untap each other. This is the standard Myr combo. (It was in standard, actually. The two cards are even from the same set. Nice job, WOTC. That's not an oversight at all...)

  • Infinite Tokens: It's essentially the previous combo with a Myr Matrix thrown in for something to spend the mana on.

  • Infinite Damage / Lethal Damage: Infinite damage, again, builds on the two previous combos. However, If a Myr Battlesphere is added, the tokens can do something awesome. Here's how: Attack an opponent with Battlesphere. Also attack them or another opponent with your tokens. Since the tokens tap to attack, you must use one of the Myr Galvanizers to untap them, then tap them for Myr Battlesphere's triggered ability. If you don't have the infinite tokens, you only need eight tokens, Myr Battlesphere and a Rogue's Passage to deal 20 damage. All you do is attack with My Battlesphere and tap the eight tokens for its ability (This deals 8 damage to the player and makes the Battlesphere a 12/7). Then make Myr Battlesphere unblockable by using Rogue's Passage. The eight direct damage, plus battlesphere's 12 combat damage, will usually kill an opponent. Each token tapped for this particular combo increases the damage done by it by 2.

  • Turn Four 9/7 Flying Lifelink Indestructible Haste Combo: Get Urzatron and cast Myr Battlesphere turn three, and get the four tokens. Assuming an opponent hasn't wrathed your board or countered battlesphere, play a 2-drop creature next turn, then play Westvale Abbey  Flip and transform it immediately. You now swing for 9 in the air and gain 9 life. You can afford to not play the 2-drop, but it costs you the Myr Battlesphere, because you have to sac 4 creatures. If you sacrificed Perilous Myr, that's also 2 straight to the opponent's face or to a creature they control... Rest in peace opponent.

  • The BS (Battle-Sphere) Combo: Get a Myr Turbine, and use it to search for Myr Battlesphere each turn. It's actually pretty hilarious, and makes the deck ridiculously hard to stop. Since Myr Battlesphere creates four tokens, if you have two turbines, one searches for battlesphere, then the other one taps the new battlesphere and its four tokens to search for another, for no mana!

There's also Urzatron lands for some super speedy turn 3 Myr Battlesphere shenanigans.

Winning with this deck is simple. Just get a Myr Battlesphere and eight Myrs. Its attack trigger cuts through fog, prevent combat damage effects, and a lot of other defensive spells. Alternatively, you could produce infinite creatures with a combo, or just get enough little guys like Hovermyr on the field and pump them with a couple of Myr Galvanizers and whittle away an opponents life total. Ormendahl, Profane Prince is also an endagme creature; in addition to his killing capacity, the lifelink also keeps you alive for a very long time.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Feel free to check out my other decks, and don't forget to upvote if you like this one!


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So, as stated in the last update, I tried splashing white to the previous, colorless version of this deck. All I have to say is that I loved it. Leyline of Sanctity takes out burn in a 1-hit K.O., Dispatch is a functional Path to Exile, and Cathedral Membrane covers me against midrange pretty well, or, it draws removal away from Myr Battlesphere. Overall, I think that White is here to stay, and, while this deck still has a card that's technically black, it's now the Whitest Deck Ever.

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