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HELLO !!!!

I'm a new MTG player, I used to be a good Yu-Gi-Oh player but got tired of it and decided to try Magic. My experience so far has been great to say the least, I won the Magic Celebration tournament (My first Magic tournament ever) and didn't do too well at this weekend tournament (First time ever playing a sealed tournament). I got some good cards and have a couple of friend that are willing to help me build my first Deck, so I went out, looked some cards and builded this deck.

Thanks for any response =)


Sept 27 Testing Day #1 — Sept. 28, 2013

Ok so after testing a lot yesterday I found aout couple of good and bad things. My deck works pretty good, there are a couple of cards that can kill it as mass removal or big flying monsters but with some good sideboard it can be worked out.

Phalanx Leader is a good card when its effect is triggered, but most of the time I rather used my spells on other heroic monsters that on it so its going out. 3x Spear of Heliod is a little too much, 2 looks like a good number because my oopp generally doesn't have a lot of way to remove it so any extra copy is gonna be stuck on my hand.

Legion's Iniatiative is a great card, it works pretty well against removal and it also increase my monster stats.

I have been considering 2x Sunhome Guildmage but I need to do more testing before deciding to include it on my deck.

So far my deck has been working pretty good. Im gonna try to get my hands on a couple Chained to the Rocks

That's it for now =)

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