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WHITE WEENIE(home of Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit)

Standard Aggro Casual Competitive Mono-White




For all the WHITE WEENIE players this is my list for standard. This is probably gonna be one of the cheapest decks to build in standard. Most of the cards I am using are commons and uncommon with a few rares.

With this deck you see the early pressure with all the one and two drops. On your turn two play you want to drop the renown creature if Anafenza is not in your hand so you get the +1+1 counters. Most aggro decks are fast, but have a low toughness. So when you drop Ainok Bond-Kin your most likely gonna stable with the first strike ability.

Consul's Lieutenant is the Honor the Pure to make your creautures super big possible first strike with Ainok Bond-Kin online.

Abzan Falconer Makes this deck over the top. This card makes this deck extremely powerful. as you can see most of the standard decks are ground creatures so with the Falconer you just fly over for the kill.

Aven Sunstriker with bolster/ Feat of Resistance can get out of hand with the double strike another way to just deal alot of damage early.

Our curve for this deck is super low so our lands are at 18 with four fetches and two Rogue's Passage as a possible win con or just to punch through for the renown creatures.

Always open for suggestions so +1 if you like the deck.

Hope you all enjoy this deck. Like always thanks for your time and have fun!!


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So after playing some matches on line I decided to add skillwrap to the sideboard to deal with zulaport cutthroat or any 3 drop fatties.


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