This is a fast mono-white deck. It started off budget friendly, but let's face it, budget can only be so good until it's not anymore. The fundamentals of this deck have not changed, it still works around the Soldier tribal synergy, cheating powerful cards out onto the field fast and crushing your opponent with great numbers. Very straightforward, not very complex.


Through time this deck has gone through multiple changes, I've tried to cover it from every angle as much as my budget allows me, making sure there are no gaping holes in it's armor and I have come to an impasse, this is honestly as good as I can make it with my knowledge. Sadly, the Soldier tribe is not well rooted in other colors, thus limiting splicing, so for now I will count this deck as finished. Upcoming blocks may introduce new amazing cards that could benefit this deck greatly, but that remains to be seen in the future. Until then, this deck will be considered completed. Suggestions however are still welcome.


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I got 2nd place at FNM today, I was beaten by Kiki-Jiki Evolution in the final, but just comes to show that it has potential.

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