Basic human agro deck. Fast and effective especially with the combo of Champion of the Parish, Boros Elite , and Frontline Medic, attacking as early as turn 4.


Boros Elite - A 1 drop 3/3, that you can have 2 of ready to swing on turn 3

Cathedral Sanctifier- Great for triggering Champion of the Parish and getting a little extra for it

Champion of the Parish- Unbelievable card

Elite Inquisitor - A somewhat questionable threesome but still great for swinging with Silverblade Paladin

Frontline Medic- Ideal if your opponent has blockers

Mentor of the Meek- Get the card draw going

Silverblade Paladin - When paired with a 5/5 Champion of the Parish he can be quite helpful

Thalia, Guardian of Thraben - Counter control

Rally the Peasants- Beef everything up for a swing for the win

Gather the Townsfolk - Triggering Champion of the Parish twice on turn 2 is a nice feature

Gideon, Champion of Justice - a 4/4, or if I have time more, creature that is indestructible (He's here but maybe not for long)

Oblivion Ring- Get rid of anything

Silver-Inlaid Dagger- Helpful to humans is an understatement


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