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This is my Equipment Based White Kor deck. Get at least 3 artifact (equipment) out and Puresteel Paladin so that all equip cost are 0. Then get out Armament Master out and a Kor then equip as many equipments to Armament Master and equip Captain's Claws to the Kor or and swing. Now the Kor and the 1/1 kor token (from Captain's Claws ) both get +2/+2 for each equipment attached to Armament Master.

Puresteel Paladin is great card advantage for the deck. Dispatch is probably the best removal in the game when paired with 3 artifact, which with this deck is very easy to get off. Kor Skyfisher is a great finisher to have because it can fly right over most people and you can bounce an equipment back and replay it for more card draw.

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I have been play testing with Darksteel Citadel but am finding that it doesn't always help with getting metalcraft out quicker, and in most games I would rather have it as a plains, due to the number of white symbols in my creatures.


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