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Whispers of the Night

Commander / EDH* Mono-Black



Sheoldred has always been my favorite card from the Scars block. So why not create an EDH deck around her?

Sheoldred's main ability is her reanimating skills. So creatures that benefit from stuff dying or have wonderful ETB effects are Sheoldred's friends. Her sacrifice ability makes it hard for many decks to keep up with her once she is online. Plus, she can go on the offensive with Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth on the board.

She may cost a whopping 7 mana to cast, but if she can keep herself on the board, she makes the 7 mana worth it.


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Time for my new-set update.Gatecrash released some pretty neat new stuff, with Crypt Ghast being yet another Mana-doubler, and extort on a stick. Ogre Slumlord gives me blockers/clamp fodder/adorable minions whenever something dies, giving a nice interaction with Reassembling Skeleton and the removal I run. Massacre Wurm has returned after his Caribbean cruise, and helps against that annoying Elfball deck at my LGS. I managed to get hold of a Withered Wretch, so my Nezumi Graverobber has been removed for her.



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