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Casual BR (Rakdos) Casual Jank Multiplayer Theme/Gimmick



The goal is to hijack a multiplayer game.

Kind of places the game on autopilot by forcing people to play spells and cutting off drawing. The curve is way too high, but generally starts playing stuff around turn 4 or 5 (where the game becomes drastically changed). Prior to that I run one irritating wall AEther Membrane and one board wipe that I love Last One Standing. Kaervek the Merciless, Stolen Strategy, and Xantcha, Sleeper Agent all serve as potential win conditions. Cruel Entertainment is mostly just for fun, but can cause a great deal of chaos, ruining people's combo plans, attacking the wrong person, dumping all of their mana into Xantcha, Sleeper Agent when they control her, you know, those kind of things.

Winter Orbing everyone and casting their stuff with Stolen Strategy makes for a unique "experience" for everyone each time you play the deck.

Don't expect to make any friends though.

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