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So I'm looking to build another modern deck for under $100. I wanted to build a more grindy/midrange deck and I wanted to include Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver, this is what I came up with. The goal of the deck is to control the game with efficient counters, cheap removal, and hand disruption while using efficient creatures to gain card advantage and disrupt combat.

Gurmag Angler: our beater of choice, easily played on turn 3

Tasigur, the Golden Fang: This is our golden boy, it gives us additional card advantage and is normally cast for 1-2 mana

Vampire Nighthawk: This is our go to creature, it just adds so much value as a blocker and isn't bad for adding pressure

Augur of Bolas: something that I'm testing out in the 2 drop spot, he's basically visions with a body and he's not bad chum for a turn 3 ashiok

Countersquall: not a bad counter, and that life loss is very relevant

Mana Leak: just a modern staple

Stubborn Denial: we should easily trigger ferocious

Deprive: In testing I felt like I always wanted another counter and I've had decent experiences with deprive in the past and it feels decent here

Inquisition of Kozilek: Not bad, of course it's not as good as thoughtsieze

Duress: also not bad hand disruption

Doom Blade: really needs to be Fatal Push but I really want this list to be as cheap as possible

Languish: this is really here because my buddy plays affinity and this deck folds to a resolved Etched Champion BUT it actually feels pretty solid as a board wipe because our main creatures dodge it

Opt: I like the instant draw speed, so it in my opinion is better then visions sense we don't have a delver to set up

Thought Scour: With all of our delve cards this is how we fuel it.

Serum Visions: to sculpt our hand as well as provide more delve targets

I would love input on the list! I don't want to change the overall theme or strategy but if you know of more efficient cards just let me know!

Also this is budget so no Bob's, thoughtsieze...

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