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Where is your god now? (MonoBlack Infect)

Modern Combo Competitive Infect Mono-Black


This is an effective modern mono-black infect deck. It relies on the strongest infect dude ever printed: Phyrexian Crusader.

The deck uses some of equips to give protection and pump and some instant pumps, a few removal and tons of discard, becoming a fast midrange infect deck. Playtest it and u will see the power of the deck :)

About fetch lands, it is not a good idea on a monocolor deck. Why? There are tons of articles on the internet explaining that, so take a read on them if u are curious :)

Btw, Burn is the worst matchup, so not having fetch lands help somehow! And to discard the excess of lands, there is a Raven's Crime MB.


Use the discard cards to take away the important cards from the opponent's hand. Cast a infect dude, pump it and attack for the win!

In case they start to create an army of dudes (when the discard pack is not enough), cast Mutilate ftw.

Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon can do some sneak attacks out of nowhere, because usually they dont expect to face a haste infect creature.


Phyrexian Crusader can win the game alone sometimes, avoid the most common removal (Path to Exile and Lightning Bolt).

Lashwrithe can be equiped paying 4 life and gives at least +4+4. If the creature dies, the equip can be used again on another. If the match is a hard long one, u can use the germ of Lashwrithe to attack with a large boddy.

Funeral Charm kills mana dorks, pump my dudes or instant discard. Very versatile for 1 mana.

Sword of Fire and Ice draw engine, pump and shock.

Sword of Light and Shadow life gain and return a dead creature.

Sign in Blood draw engine.

Mutilate budget boardwipe for monoblack, sometimes even better than Damnation.

If you dont have the Inkmoth set, just play with 20 Swamps and 2 Duress main deck.

The SB is pretty much self explanatory. Sun Droplet is the best tool for holding up burn and other aggressive decks.


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