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What's Yours Is Mine (Yasova EDH)

Commander / EDH Combo Control RUG (Temur)


What's better than getting rid of other people's awesome creatures? Taking them, using them, and THEN getting rid of them for profit! Yasova has quite a "threatening" ability IF she's backed up with the right support cards, and the best part is that because of the wording, not only does she not have to attack to steal creatures, but if you target something and it's then sacrificed in response, you don't have to pay for it and can basically make people give up their creatures rather than let you have them. She's also backed up by some of Temur's greatest hits like Beast Within, Chaos Warp, Cyclonic Rift and friends. Most of the creatures you play that don't steal creatures on their own have great ETBs that counter spells, draw you cards, or destroy problem permanents, which makes them perfect to sacrifice later at basically no cost you. Value town!

This deck has two main goals: 1) Get Yasova out and pump her, and 2) get a sac outlet online to start taking creatures and sacrificing them to help yourself.

To accomplish goal #1, you have cards like Opal Palace, Wolfir Silverheart, Teetering Peaks, and a suite of great Equipments. Stitcher's Graft is an especially good one because it's also a sac outlet--sort of!

There's a large number of sac outlets to accomplish goal #2 as well: some of the MVPs include Greater Good (best draw engine in green, and maybe in the game), Shivan Harvest (a grossly unfair card that can annihilate mana bases), High Market (it's a land!), Birthing Pod (sac a creature to get a fresh, more powerful one? Not bad) and Helm of Possession (sac a creature to steal another creature? Sounds even better!).

A couple interactions to note: YES, Willbreaker will let you take creatures with Yasova WITHOUT paying for her ability at all! YES, Proteus Staffing a creature you stole from your opponent will let you search instead of them. And NO, Xenagos + Yasova is not a combo due to stack rules. Xenagos is just super good.

Oh, and finally, there's a few cute additions like Nephalia Smuggler and Conjurer's Closet to make sure you get to KEEP the creatures you really like, permanently.


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