whatever the BANT I want!!!

Standard* Birthing Pod G/W/U (Bant)

Demarge Score: 7


goal, an aggressive bant pod deck that can post sideboard into a bant control deck.

suggestions and comments are welcome, as are +1's.

currently all of the cards in this deck are being tested, out of them I'm keeping an eye out for these to see if they perform well.

Knight of Glory: this so far has interacted quite well with a pod strategy, but there are a good number of 2 drops that are also very good.

Hero of Bladehold: this has always been a beast whenever I've seen one of her attacking, but in playtests I'm starting to consider Sublime Archangel instead as I'm often just swinging with one creature anyway. Now after a more recent playtest I've found hero to be more amazing than I thought hero could ever be. Turn 1 bird, turn 2 pod, turn 3 hero, turn 4 pod bird for image on hero and cast another image and swing for 7, turn 5 SUPER GREEDY WIN!

Sigarda, Host of Herons: Possibly my favorite card from AVR and one of the better cards to tron up, but I can't help but think I'd rather have her as a Thragtusk (if I owned one...)

Geist-Honored Monk: In recent playtesting I'm finding I may need a 3rd 5 drop and am somewhat considering this creature as it can do very well against delver.

Deadeye Navigator: in theory this should be very good, powering me a stalled or somewhat behind board position with it's flicker effects.


The deck still seems to be working fine (aside from mana screw for two rounds), the deck also seems to still be able to deal with infect (unless they nut draw). for it's last week I think I'll add in life gain (been playing against rdw at least once every week so far) and it would be nice to find some way to deal with naya pod.

Well it seems changing around the top end of my deck helped. In the swiss only really memorable play (aside from venser giving unblockable ftw) was having Sigarda, Host of Herons equipped with two Sword of War and Peace and paired with Wolfir Silverheart.

Well my memory is really hazy from it being about 3 days old, but I do remember me needing to get a Thragtusk

Well first of all I'd like to say this was my first PTQ and it was also the largest tournament I've ever attended (a little over 150 people) so I'd have to say going 26th was pretty good. Another thing about the tournament was that the AC system of the building sadly isn't able to handle the heat generated from 150+ people (a good amount of the tournament it was colder outside than inside, and it's Arizona summer outside) and now that I think about it I was probably suffering from heat exhaustion rounds 4-6 than the lack of sleep I had.

Round 1: I went up against a B/U infect Trading Post deck (this guy also ended up placing 12th if I remember right).

Game 1: I overwhelmed him with turn 1 bird, turn 2 Blade Splicer, turn 3 resto angel and more beats.

Game 2: He won with infect and comboing Trading Post with Wurmcoil Engine.

Game 3: I pulled all my fun stuff. I played an Acidic Slime and blew up a land, then I cloned it and blew up another land. Then I played pod, sacced the clone and found my Deadeye Navigator and paired it with the slime and blew up another two land before he wiped the board. After that I played Jace and proceeded to mill him to death.

Round 2: I played against G/U infect.

Game 1: he won with Blighted Agent and Rancor

Game 2: I won mostly due to playing both of my Ratchet Bombs, I can't remember what I actually used to kill him though (I think maybe Hero of Bladehold)

Game 3: I won by playing a melria, slyvok outcast that I topdecked after yelling "Heart of the cards!". He Beast Withined her on his next turn, but she gave me the opening I needed to out race him with Traft, Gideon, and the beast token.

Round 3: I played against zombie pod. I can't remember the first two games aside from me always being around 5 life when they ended and Blood Artist ending up being my biggest threat.

Game 3: It came down to turns and I was able to finish him off on the 3rd turn of the turns by swinging for 17 into him at 13 and 1 blocker,

Round 4: I was hit hard by exhaustion and can only remember large creatures beating my face in.

Round 5: pretty much the same except I could have won game 2 if I hadn't have given my opponent a venser emblem.

Round 6: I played against Delver and I proceeded to mound up the misplays. Also I seem to have been suffering to the point my opponent and a nearby judge voiced concerns.

Round 7: Before the round I found one of the few colder places in the building and I rested with my sunglasses on (decided to keep them on between rounds from then on). I played against R/B zombies and had a similar match as the one in Round 3, I simply had to keep Blood Artist in check and push in with fliers.

Round 8: I went up against haunted humans that were strangely reminiscent of my Mission Make Angelic Overseer Competitive, but without swords and without 5 drops.

Game 1: I went all bird sword combo on him like G/R aggro (I completely forgot I could do that when I built this deck...)

Game 2: he won by putting lots of pressure early and then played Sublime Archangel to push through when I stabilized by getting lots of golem tokens in play.

Game 3: I kept a hand of 5 land, Sigarda, and Elesh Norn. He played a turn 3 crusader, turn 4 Traft and then turn 5 Ajani. my first play came on turn 5 with a Birds of Paradise, then turn 6 elesh norn to stableize, turn 7 Sigarda and attack on ajani, he tried to get though the last 4 points of damage with a flying crusader (who had 2 +1/+1 counters), but the resto angel I topdecked the turn before dream crushed that plan.

Final note: I really need a Thragtusk, Jace is epic against control (something my FNM meta is full of), and I need some more answers to equipment. Also... bring lots of water to the tournament (and snacks...)

Round 1: went up against a goblin deck, game 1 swung for around 30 for lethal. game 2 rode a Strangleroot Geist on a sword to victory.

Round 2: got downpaired against a newer player with an exalted deck and proceeded to introduce him to the noticeable difference in card power level... And then helped him with deck ideas and recommended him to join tappedout.

Round 3: I really can't remember what I played against... all I remember is that I lost a game, the only one I lost aside from top 8. went 2-1 there.

Round 4: was offered to let my opponent win so we could both draw for the next round, I chose to go 2-0 against him instead. It was elf combo and game 1 I did some stuff and ended up swinging for a lot of damage (had something to do with a hero and a good number of other dudes). game 2 I ratchet bombed away 5-6 mana dorks, he found some pressure with Gavony Township, but I blew that up with Acidic Slime and built a board position with Blade Splicers and eventually won with a strong Sun Titan board!

Round 5: Intentionally drew in.

Top 8: went up against red deck wins. Game 1 I won due to him having no actual board presence while I did. Game two I lost to a very good red deck wins hand. Game 3 was Intense! he built up an epic board like game 2, I proceeded to try to stick as many dudes in his board's way by cloning his vamp, playing Knight of Glory and then finally I landed a stonehord dignitary followed by a clone of it. Then I top decked a Venser and proceeded to stonehorn lock him out. During the lockout he threw as many burn spells as he could at me getting me down to 5 life by the time venser hit 9 loyalty and I got some presence with my hero and some other stuff. He was at 14, I was at 5, I could swing for 16 unblockable, but he had 1 card in hand and 2 open mana, he could Incinerate one of my guys and live, but I went for it anyway. He revealed a mountain and we shook hands for such a good round.

Top 4: we split!


klumze says... #1

I have been wanted to make a bant pod. I have been playing a Naya Pod for about 2-3 months now and this looks like a welcome change. +1!

Here is my deck deck:avacyn-pod-1

August 14, 2012 5:54 p.m.

redfive says... #2

i dont know if you know this but HoB triggers all the exalted affects then pops out the 1/1 tokens

August 28, 2012 9:05 p.m.

Demarge says... #3

yeah same with Sir Traft, but (and the following is possibly just due to me reading your comment wrong) the tokens don't benefit from exaulted.

August 28, 2012 11:23 p.m.

Long_Con says... #4

redfive used the wrong word, and a lack of punctuation, that's why it confused you... exalted doesn't AFFECT then pop out tokens... HoB triggers exalted EFFECTS, then pops out the tokens! The comma helps.

August 29, 2012 7:27 a.m.

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