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whatever the BANT I want!!!

Standard* Birthing Pod GWU (Bant)



goal, an aggressive bant pod deck that can post sideboard into a bant control deck.

suggestions and comments are welcome, as are +1's.

currently all of the cards in this deck are being tested, out of them I'm keeping an eye out for these to see if they perform well.

Knight of Glory : this so far has interacted quite well with a pod strategy, but there are a good number of 2 drops that are also very good.

Hero of Bladehold : this has always been a beast whenever I've seen one of her attacking, but in playtests I'm starting to consider Sublime Archangel instead as I'm often just swinging with one creature anyway. Now after a more recent playtest I've found hero to be more amazing than I thought hero could ever be. Turn 1 bird, turn 2 pod, turn 3 hero, turn 4 pod bird for image on hero and cast another image and swing for 7, turn 5 SUPER GREEDY WIN!

Sigarda, Host of Herons: Possibly my favorite card from AVR and one of the better cards to tron up, but I can't help but think I'd rather have her as a Thragtusk (if I owned one...)

Geist-Honored Monk: In recent playtesting I'm finding I may need a 3rd 5 drop and am somewhat considering this creature as it can do very well against delver.

Deadeye Navigator : in theory this should be very good, powering me a stalled or somewhat behind board position with it's flicker effects.


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#3 in tournament @ Samurai Comics West — Sept. 21, 2012

The deck still seems to be working fine (aside from mana screw for two rounds), the deck also seems to still be able to deal with infect (unless they nut draw). for it's last week I think I'll add in life gain (been playing against rdw at least once every week so far) and it would be nice to find some way to deal with naya pod.

#5 in tournament @ Samurai Comics West — Sept. 14, 2012
#5 in tournament @ Samurai Comics West — Aug. 24, 2012
#3 in tournament @ Samurai Comics West — Aug. 10, 2012

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