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Commander / EDH* Combo Control WUB (Esper)


Don't think, just blink.

The moment I saw the art for Aminatou, the Fateshifter I knew I had to build her. Then I saw her card and realized I'd actually really like to build her based on what she actually did. I mulled around a few ideas before deciding to go for the value combo route.

My main avenue to victory centers on Aminatou herself. Alongside Felidar Guardian you can create infinite enters the battlefield and leaves the battlefield triggers. That alone doesn't do much, but with the help of either Vela the Night-Clad or Altar of the Brood you can suddenly mow down the whole table. Having a Panharmonicon out also allows me to swap out those two pieces for something like Venser, Shaper Savant or Gonti, Lord of Luxury to win the game by just stripping away libraries or bouncing away every permanent I can on my turn.

But in the ever changing world of commander where you can get Triumph of the Horde'd one game and Breakfast Hulk'd the next, you really can't rely on one path to victory unless you're going completely all in. So that's why I have our lady in waiting, the Commander Pro Tempore, the Bluecaster Mage herself: Naru Meha, Master Wizard. Naru is great, although a bit deceptive in hiding her power level. But she offers us our secondary wincondition. With Illusionist's Stratagem we not only draw our entire deck but make infinite mana. Meaning we can just slam that Laboratory Maniac or any of our cards really. If we instead combo with Ghostly Flicker we still make infinite mana but don't draw. But with so many value flicker targets we can go infinite with, it's just a matter of finding something. Heck, if we have The Chain Veil out we can flicker that forever and activate our planeswalkers till the cows come home. Papa Teferi would be proud. And there's even ways that Naru can kill with something like Momentary Blink if I have Vela or Altar out again.

The deck can win without combos of course. Manipulating a really good Entreat the Angels can close games and if Luminarch Ascension goes unanswered then... Well, it sure won't go unanswered the next game!


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