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Walls with teeth (and dragons: Update

Modern* Eldrazi GW (Selesnya) Ramp



Who would have thought walls could provide one of the best ramps available and defence to boot!

Wall up until either Assault Formation turns all of your defence into a brutal offence (made even more brutal with the addition of Akroma's Memorial, Genesis Wave dumps a solid 12 cards onto the playing field by turn 4-5, or, my favourite, Staff of Domination provides you with infinite life, mana and draw with the simple combo of having either Axebane Guardian or Overgrown Battlement plus another 4 walls in play.

This deck is blisteringly fast with 15 mana dorks, and recovers quickly from board wipes with the likes of Collected Company, Genesis Wave, Chord of Calling and Wall of Omens. The advantage of walls over elves is also the increased defence which makes your mana dorks much harder to kill. Stalwart Shield-Bearers only make this harder for your opponent to deal with. It's a burn deck's nightmare.

Post sideboard, there's one of my favourite soft-locks of Primal Command and Eternal Witness which will also provide extra life gain, graveyard hate, and retrieval of key cards depending on the meta. Worship coupled with Sylvan Caryatid is extremely difficult for many decks to deal with. Dragonlord Dromoka is a nightmare for control and is easily retrieved via Primal Command. The final slots are flexible, but Slate of Ancestry fills your hand extremely fast and helps with recovery even more quickly.

Suggestions welcome and help with sideboard would be much appreciated!


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