5 Color Big Mana Giant Tribal.

I welcome feedback and suggestions from veteran players of the deck. I am finally starting to get the hang of this deck. Doesn't mean I'm good at the deck, just that I'm sometimes starting to not suck so bad. I can only imagine what this pile must look like to those unfamiliar with Amulet Titan decks lol.

This deck is a work in progress, but the core doesn't change. There are always new things to try.

I keep testing out Arboreal Grazer slothy boi and not liking it. If you see it in my list I'm testing/giving it a chance, but really I think Coalition Relic is a stronger card. Also kinda testing Golos, Tireless Pilgrim even though I think it looks bad. Playing Obstinate Baloth because of mono red prowess, that deck is fast. I love Nullhide Ferox against anything playing black and the Baloth also has game against burn so I think both are justified SB inclusions.

Can't wait for the next B&R.

I figured I'd use the Maybe board to list the ever-growing pool of playable Amulet Titan cards. Trying not to get too cute with what I put in there, which is why I don't have Zacama listed of course.

"When nature calls, run."


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