Budget ("no budget left for more cards") WG weenie/aggro build after buying a single box of Shadows to get me back in the game after 5 years out.

Trying to turn it into something playable for FNM that won't get me dead last. That's my "competitive" goal.

Max budget for improvement would have to be $20, at the most.


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R1: 0-2 vs Bant PW

R2: 0-2 vs UB Aggro

First game, I overextended with nothing in my hand and watched a fat Dark Salvation land, and I couldn't recover.

Second game came to the wire, but a Voracious Reader got buffed and Murder + Shamble Back ate what defense I had.

R3: 1-2 vs WG Lifegain

Game 1 was mulligan to 6 and then spend the first 7 rounds with WW and a hand full of G.

Game 2 saw the other guy get land-screwed the same way I did last round. I can't really call that a win, since it sure wasn't my skill that won the day.

Game 3, I was able to get an early jump with some 1-drops, and turn 4-10 saw no land. WWW again with no G to be seen, and cmc4 on the W that was actually in hand.

I got to chump-block Faithbearer, who was lifelinked for 10 or 11 per swing. I just called it after I couldn't get the rush in to bring him down from 36. Was not worth my time to drag it out.


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