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Werewolves - Beleji Sirieten (7.0)

Modern* Aggro RG (Gruul) Werewolf



Hello Wizards!

As you can see, this is "just another werewolf deck". So, even though I am using roughly the same creatures than everyone has been using so far, I have been experimenting with different options and strategies to make them as effective as possible.

This is my favourite deck, and I am constantly testing, changing and adjusting, so if you happen to visit the deck and see something weird, like missing cards or a sideboard with more than 15 cards, it is for testing or adjusting purposes.

Ruled out Strategies

  • A full creature deck with just Lightning Bolt in it. - For it is horribly boring, linear and easily countered. In one word useless. While it is true that this is a deck that relies on creatures to win, it is a total lie that you need just creatures to achieve such goal.
  • Collected Company.- CoCo is a great spell in general, but here it could prevent wolves from triggering in a pinch, requires a huge critical mass of creatures to work, and uses a lot of NonC spell space. I had fun trying this out, but the deck became too linear, and unable to adapt in many matches. There are many tricks in the deck that let you look for creatures in your library to make up for this.
  • Aether Vial.- A single playset of a “key card” with no way to tutor it, is not enough to make a deck out of it, so there were many games in which the freaking thing never showed up. While trying to make this work, I tried to couple “vial” with a set of Birthing Pod (before the ban), but in the end I happened to be forcing the strategy waaaay to much, spending resources with which I could do better things.
  • Rhythm of the Wild.- This is a great spell, specially while facing blue, and I actually use it actively in a very good Gruul deck. However, it feels very slow for this deck. The thing is, by turn 3 you have many things to do, and you want to do aggressive things, giving you very small space for a spell like this.
  • Abundance.- It was a tough call between this one and Descendants' Path, for they do more or less the same thing. After months of testing I finally decided to keep “Path” over “Abundance” because it is faster and is more mana friendly.
  • Door of Destinies.- This is a great artifact that I greatly enjoy using in other decks. Here it works great specially when paired with Descendants' Path for a very nice mini creature bolstering combo, but the problem it had once tested, was that it is too heavy for the mana curve, and that I had to include at least 2 copies of it to be effective, thus slowing the deck down enormously.
  • Isochron Scepter.- As weird as it sounds, this was pretty effective when paired with the many instants that run rampant in this deck. The problem is that I had to cut every non instant support spell to achieve the critical instant mass required to give the “Scpenter” a good range of targets. I made it work, and did it good, but it made the deck very susceptible to disruption, removal and many control tactics that plague the format.
  • Vivien's Arkbow.- Very interesting artifact that reminds me a little of Birthing Pod. It gave some ace plays to the deck, and very interesting ways to cheat creatures into the battlefield, but there were two major problems with it… The first one was the huge amount of mana needed by the “Arkbow” to actually dig deep and hit a creature, and the second one was the fact that it costs a card to do so. Sometimes I was just better off playing the creature cards I had in hand than using the “Arkbow” to dig for one, making the artifact a wasted slot.
  • Bow of Nylea.-


CMC 1 Creatures (6x):

  1. Village Messenger  .- The back bone of the aggro core of the deck. She sports two very important abilities; haste that as a Human lets her land some crucial early damage, and menace as a Werewolf that helps to sneak in some extra damage as the encounter goes on.
  2. Reckless Waif  .- What the Village Messenger   has in versatility, this one has in extra power, power that is especially relevant factoring all the lords and buffs available for her, and with the eventual addition of trample. The decision to keep a 4 to 2 radio of “Messenger” to “Waif”, is based on the superior abilities sported by the first one.

CMC 2 Creatures (10x):

  1. Lambholt Pacifist  .- She is and has always been one of the most polemical choices that I made about this deck. For many a simple 3/3 creature is not good enough to be considered as a good inclusion, for me it is… specially if it is only for 2 mana. She is great in the early game as a defender because of her bulk (taking into account that the other 2 cmc options are mostly 1/1 with a few 2/2), and in the late game she becomes a real problem for your opponent with the eventual addition of buffs and trample. After replacing her with other options, time and time again I found myself bringing her back for her unique niche.
  2. Duskwatch Recruiter  .- I think this is an exquisitely designed werewolf. Even as a standalone Human, the possibility to dig in your deck looking for creatures is like a washdown Collected Company, which is invaluable in a deck like this one for it gives you both card advantage and an increase in the creature critical mass available for you in hand. Once transformed however, he synergises amazingly well with his own activated ability and the way the deck works, giving you the chance to board a burst of creatures thanks to the mana discount it gives. In practice this lets a play of 3-4 creatures to happen in turns in which no more than 1-2 could have been played.
  3. Mayor of Avabruck  .- One of the most powerful and important cards in the deck. As a human he is a lord to all your Human creatures, and a powerful lord that can create buffed 2/2 wolf tokens as a werewolf. The fact that he is not legendary makes possible to run a full set, giving the deck great power and the possibility to populate the board quite quickly early in the game.

Creature Options

  1. Wolfbitten Captive  .- This is a great Werewolf that might take you a while to understand and use correctly, and great because of the surprise factor it might enclose for your opponent. Although it is a solid 1 cmc option, it is not as reliable as Village Messenger  or Reckless Waif  , and lacks de bulk or abilities shown by the 2 cmc green options present in the deck. It might not look like much but the fact that you need to keep investing mana on him (or at the very least keep the mana open) to make it grow takes a toll in the early game development, and when I finally had the mana to spend on him, I could sadly make it just once. To get the 3/3 body you need to spend 3 mana the turn you cast it, and 2 afterwards (and 5 or 4 if it transforms). He was directly replaced by Lambholt Pacifist  , for in comparison gets the same 3/3 body for one less mana and she stays that way. By the time the “Captive” would have the chance to become a 6/6 for the turn, with so many lords, the “Pacifist” might be 6/6 or greater already, and again she stays that way. The only drawback of this change was the sacrifice a few early hits in order to get more reliable bulk. I solved this problem by adding a mix of Village Messenger  and Reckless Waif  .
  2. Kessig Forgemaster  .- A unique creature with a unique ability. She is a 2/1 sporting the ability to hit whatever she fights with for 1 damage. This lets her kill anything that is */1 instantly, and to get the kill on things as big as */3, which is quite formidable. Once flipped this gets even better letting the “Forgemaster” to hit for 2 damage instead, getting an instant kill on anything that is */2 or less, and a kill on */5 creatures. And this gets even better if you have more than one defending you. For example, can block with two and kill instantly a */2 (or a */4 if flipped) creature. The only problem with her in this deck, is the dual mana cost and the heavy competition that she has for a slot with the 1 cmc creatures included.


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