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Werewolves - Beleji Sirieten (5.2)

Modern* Aggro RG (Gruul) Werewolf



Hello everyone!

As you can see, this is "just another werewolf deck". So while using roughly the same creatures than everyone has been using so far, I have been experimenting with different options and strategies to make them as effective as possible.

This is my favorite deck, and I am constantly testing, changing and adjusting, so if you happen to visit the deck and see something weird, like missing cards or a sideboard with more than 15 cards, it is for testing or adjusting purposes.

The part of the deck that needs more work, and suggestions is the non creature spell portion, and the sideboard.

The strategies that I have tried and were ruled out are:

  • A full creature deck with just Thunderbolt in it.- For it is horribly boring, linear and useless.
  • Collected Company .- CoCo is a great spell in general, but here it could prevent wolves from triggering in a pinch, requires a huge critical mass of creatures to work, and uses a lot of NonC spell space. I had fun trying this out, but the deck became too linear, and unable to adapt in many matches. Usually got 2-2 at FNM or less.
  • Aether Vial .- A single playset of a “key card” with no way to tutor it, is not enough to make a deck out of it, so there were many games in which the freaking thing never showed up. While trying to make this work I tried to couple “vial” with a set of Birthing Pod , but in the end I happened to be forcing the strategy waaaay to much, spending resources with which I could do better things
  • Rhythm of the Wild .- I actually have some experience with this, for I use it actively in a standard Dinosaur deck. However, it feels very slow for this deck. In the testing, it did not go very well
  • Abundance .- Tough call between this one and Descendants' Path , for they do more or less the same thing. In the end, I decided to keep Path, for it is faster and has a more mana friendly cost than Abundance. Still a pretty solid card on its own.
  • Door of Destinies .- Great artifact over all, that works as an ever-growing lord of sorts. Even though the testing went great (especially with Descendants' Path ), it was very difficult to find a spot for it in the deck. The usual card to replace was a copy of Howlpack Resurgence , but a single copy was too little as for the Door to make a consistent difference.
Strategies that I am currently working on:


CMC 1 Creatures (8x):

  1. Village Messenger  .- The back bone of the aggro core of the deck. She sports two very important abilities; haste that as a Human lets her land some crucial early damage, and menace as a Werewolf that helps to sneak in some extra damage as the encounter goes on.
  2. Reckless Waif  .- What the Messenger has in versatility, this one has it in raw power, complementing the aggro core. I decided to keep a 3x Messenger - 2x Waif ratio because the key words on the Messenger tend to be more relevant.
  3. Wolfbitten Captive  .- This is a great Werewolf that might take you a while to understand and use correctly. It is not as reliable as the Messenger ot Waif, but it is indeed the most powerful of the three. The main advantage is the surprise factor, since your opponent will never be sure if you are going to pump him or not, giving you a very important strategic advantage. Keep in mind that when fully pumped, the Captive reaches 6/6 all on its own.

CMC 2 Creatures (7x):

  1. Duskwatch Recruiter  .- I think this is an exquisitely designed werewolf. Even as a standalone Human, the possibility to dig in your deck looking for creatures is invaluable, for it gives you both card advantage and an increase in the creature critical mass available for you. Once transformed, the mana discount it gives to your creatures allows for crazy plays of 3-4 creatures to happen, in turns in which you could have only played 1 or 2.
  2. Mayor of Avabruck  .- Being a cheap lord that also makes Wolf tokens when transformed, this card is without a doubt one of the most important cards in the entire deck. Simply put, if you cast the Mayor, and left unanswered, the game is yours. Now factor in 4 Mayors at once and you have four 6/6 lords spawning a total of four 5/5 Wolves per turn… a very harsh environment.

CMC 3 Creatures (6x):

  1. Kruin Outlaw  .- As a Human, she is a mere 2/2 creature with First Strike, which is not very impressive. However, factoring in all the +1/+1 coming from the abundant lord effects of the deck, she can quickly become a problem. When transformed, she gives mass Menace and gets Double Strike!, being able to deal huge amounts of damage, especially when paired with trample. The simple use of Rogue's Passage in the event of a Terror of Kruin Pass 's attack can win you the game in one swing.
  2. Geier Reach Bandit  .- Having a 3/2 creature with haste for 3 cmc is actually pretty good already, but when transformed she is brutal! By definition, Werewolves are weak before transforming, and having them transformed on entrance be nuclear, specially speaking of Kruin Outlaw  , Huntmaster of the Fells  , Instigator Gang  and Ulrich of the Krallenhorde  , all of which have great effects on both entrance and transformation.
  3. Immerwolf .- We all know this cute wolf and all of its powerful “Moon Magic”. A great lord, that bolsters your wolves, and help to minimize the variability of the “Werewolf Clause”. I must point out that many believe that Immerwolf and Huntmaster of the Fells  should not be played together. Although it is true that preventing the later from turning “kills” some of its efficiency, the lord buff outweighs this by far.

CMC 4 Creatures (3x):

  1. Instigator Gang  .- Being one of the most powerful members of the pack, this thing is a beast, and can win you games out of nowhere. As a human it buffs your attackers with a mere +1/+0, but as a werewolf, it gives all your creatures +3/+0! Factoring in Trample; coming from the likes of Howlpack Resurgence , Arlinn Kord  and, and all the +1/+1’s; coming from the many lords in the deck, you have a massive army of steroidal werewolves adding impressive numbers to each attack. It is specially nasty to have all your “Humans” attack, with Instigator Gang   leading the effort, just to have Moonmist cast to sky rocket the damage output of the attacking party.
  2. Huntmaster of the Fells  .- By far one of the best if not the best Werewolf ever created, it packs a nice collection of tricks that makes him invaluable in both forms. As a Human, it brings 4/4 in two bodies and gives you 2 life, which is great to improve your board presence and also helps you to recover any possible damage that you could have taken so far. When turned into Ravager of the Fells he shocks your opponent and one creature for free. And you can repeat every time he comes and goes into Werewolf form. Quite impressive to say the least.

CMC 5 Creatures (1x):

  1. Ulrich of the Krallenhorde  .- Although usually referred by many as a deception as the only Werewolf legend, there are some tricks that I have learnt to accomplish with this card. A quick example, given Arlinn Kord  is in play, Ulrich of the Krallenhorde  hits the board as a 10/10 with haste. Also, since he usually comes into play by turn 4-6, he gets buffed by all the lords in play that are usually on the board by that turn, so it is not hard to have him reaching easily a body of around 9/9 with trample, which is a lot of muscle by that turn.

Other Spells


  1. Lightning Bolt .- Already a legendary "Burn Spell", works great in this deck as a cheap instant speed spell that can help to deal with early threats or to finish off a damaged opponent. It also teams up very well with Daybreak Ranger   to remove big threats.
  2. Bonfire of the Damned .- This card is just amazing, for it is both, a powerful burn spell and a one side board wipe all in one. The Miracle mechanic is quite potent, and usually if pulled off, means game over to the opponent when coupled with the insane damage output that the Werewolves are capable of.
  1. Moonmist .- Usually “Combat Tricks” are not very popular, and for a reason. Most of the time you happen to change a card for a card, or you manage to sneak in just a little bit of extra damage. Well, Moonmist is quite different, and quite powerful. It has two major effects that always result in something great happening for you; all your Humans become Werewolves, and none of them suffer combat damage the turn it is cast. When played right, this two-mana instant, can win games. Another upside, besides protecting your creatures and let you control the usual variability of them, is its versatility, for you can use it in or outside of battle to great effect.
  2. Howlpack Resurgence .- Most creatures in this deck can get to huge bodies, being able to cause ridiculous amounts of damage. However, Trample is what makes them so impressive, since blocking the damage often becomes an impossible task. This Enchantment does exactly that, bolsters all your wolves and gives them trample, but all that with instant speed thanks to the “flash” written on it. It can be used as a combat trick to ruin the damage calculations of your opponent, as a defensive manoeuvre to avoid removal or help block survival, or you can turn your Werewolves and cast this on your opponent’s turn. There is no way to go wrong with this one.
  1. Arlinn Kord  .- The signature Werewolf plainswalker. She is a box of toys! She can make tokens, buff creatures, give haste and trample, and in case of need she packs a nice Lightning Bolt . Her ultimate is incredible; usually winning the game on the spot unless a board wipe has happened. It is like hurling one huge Moonlight Hunt to your opponent’s face. As a side note, It is worth noticing that you can happen to have two copies of this same card at once, as long as one is transformed. A nifty trick for some, giving you access to all of her abilities at the same time.
  2. Garruk Relentless  .- Although quite potent, this planeswalker is kind of tricky to use. His main role, most of the time is to spam Wolf Tokens that will add to the increasing number of those created by other sources like Mayor of Avabruck  , Huntmaster of the Fells  and mama Arlinn Kord  . However, if you manage to flip this guy into Garruk, the Veil-Cursed , things get out of control. The Wolf spam continues, but now in the form of potent deathtouch Wolves, provoking pretty hard choices for your opponent both when attacking and blocking. The -3 ability is great, and can create a huge tide of teeth and claws late game. All of this is great, but it is the -1 ability the one that really stands out, for it lets you sacrifice a Token to get any creature you need, tutoring that specific unit you need to put your opponent in trouble. There are two important things to note about Garruk Relentless  ; you can also have two copies of the same card as long as one is flipped, and you can have him fight one of his own Wolves to flip. Just try to be careful while doing this, for you will be left with a very powerful but tiny planeswalker with just 1 loyalty counter on him.


There are two things that Werewolves hate the most, so my sideboard efforts are based on dealing with this problems:

  • Removal (either mass or spot).- Boards wipes and the removal of key elements of the pack can lead to painful defeat. In general this is the most common reason of Werewolf Decks' defeats, for they need their creatures to win.
  • Flying things.- Although not that common in the current Modern Metagame, they can really ruin your day, for you have absolutely no way to block a thing that levitates or has wings.

Also, there are a couple of "tricks" that are meant to modify the deck quite enough as to mislead the game plan of your opponent. Most of the Werewolf decks out there focus on a critical mas of creatures, and creatures alone, making it very easy to plan form a game 2. With this possible modifications you can deploy a nasty surprise if needed.


  1. Daybreak Ranger  .- Capable of fending off small flying things, and once transformed, capable of removing things in general, this is a great card that I have been struggling to find a spot in the main deck. As a sideboard remains as a solid answer to flyers and decks that rely on specific creatures to get advantage.
  2. Silverfur Partisan .- The best solution for removal is to replace your lines quickly. This Wolf lets you do that, and also lets you "combo" with the "Antiremoval Buff" ( Vines of Vastwood and the "Anti Flyer // Nuke of Sorts Spell" ( Collision / Colossus , giving you a "Baby Wolf" every time that you are targeted by one of these.


  1. Collision / Colossus .- This card addresses flyers. It is hard to find creatures able to survive 6 points of damage. What is so special about this card, is the added benefit of a “Plan B” on it, letting you use it as a powerful combat trick, thus avoiding it to become dead weight on your hand, which can happen with many other cards meant to manage fliers.
  2. Descendants' Path .- Although still experimenting with it, this is such a great card that lets you populate your board quickly. Specially deadly when couple with Door of Destinies and Moonmist .
  3. Isochron Scepter .- This is an amazing artifact that is usually “main deck”. Here it is used to let the deck transform from a fully creature-based deck into a more spell centred one. All of Lightning Bolt , Moonmist , Vines of Vastwood , Collision / Colossus , are amazing when given the possibility to be spammed out of control.
  4. Moonmist .- This extra copy is here for those matchups in which the Isochron Scepter and/or Descendants' Path go wild, helping with controlling the transformations, or in those matchups where the enemy has tons of cheap spells.
  5. Vines of Vastwood .- This card is meant to address “Spot Removal”. This spot was occupied by Blossoming Defence. The change was done, because I found myself using it most the time as a removal counter, thus wasting the +2/+2 bonus. In the end, Vines has a better +4/+4 bonus that is optional, and as a matter of removal countering they worked the same.


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