This is a strongly-themed deck.

It's by no means optimal : it mostly tells a story, one of a land where men walk with wolves (think of Perrin Aybara in the novel "The Wheel of Time"), and men turn into them.
This deck is about art and flavor. It tries to create a mood, a bit dark and foreboding.
Master of the Wild Hunt is the card that prompted me to create this deck.

I removed some cards that I wanted to put in, but didn't quite fit in the mood : the red werewolves for instance, or even Wild Hunger ; too bad it's a snake and not a wolf, because the darkness in the art fits right in.
I also obviously left out cards that would be great but didn't fit at all : Ulvenwald Tracker (fits more in a deck against this one), or Bonfire of the Damned (has nothing to do with the theme), or even Sword of Body and Mind, because no wolf would handle a sword, obviously (not to mention that the art is "light"). I would love to include Overrun, but no edition has an art that fits.
The only concessions that I made on flavor are for the non-basic lands, because it's very hard to find a fitting RG land.

This deck is mostly about wolves, and wolf tokens. Werewolves was a secondary choice, but the deck sucks with only wolves.

If you decide to play this deck, I would recommend to pick your basic lands according to the art.

If you have any idea of cards that fit into the theme, I would be glad to hear of them. If you have any suggestion about which card are great in my selection (and need to be 4x) and which are not (and need to be removed), I would also be glad to hear about it.

Please remember that it's a deck all about the flavor. I made a similarly flavorful Squirrel deck back in Odyssey, which was very silly and won about once in five matches, but I had a great time with it. I hope you will have as much fun with this deck.



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