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WE'RE GONNA BUILD A WALL (Oloro Wall Tribal)

Commander / EDH Lifegain Tribal WUB (Esper)



There's a lot of wall decks built around Doran, because let's face it, he's probably the best wall commander you can have. However, I wanted to build something in B/U/W with a wall tribal. And while walls don't initially have win cons, I'm looking within these colors to find various ways to utilize walls.

Using life gain: Having Orolo as the commander will ensure you have a constant life gain, and walls in general are great blockers and will give you a good opportunity to maintain life. Pairing this with Wall of Blood + Rolling Stone allows you create a monster attacking wall. Aetherflux Reservoir is also a nuke in the event that you cannot pull the cards needed to get attacking walls. Wall of Limbs Also will benefit from life gain and give you some much needed devastation. There are also plenty of other ways to gain life within this deck, Alhammarret's Archive will greatly increase the amount of life you can gain and a Whip of Erebos is absolutely necessary to ensure your walls are all helping as well.

Mill: Just add a Phenax, God of Deception and laugh.


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