Werewolf Tribal with the one and only true Werwolf Commander: Ulrich der Krallenhorde.

I have to say that I can not understand why so many people are upset about Ulrich beeing the only werewolf legend. He is great and synergizes extremely well with werewolfs. Everytime he flips into his werewolf form he kills something on the table. And afterwards most opponent do not want him to flip back to his human form since that allows him to transform back into his werewolf form and kill something again. Important here is that he flips simultaneosly with all other werewolfs. So if my opponents do not want Ulrich to transform back all other werewolfs also stay in their strong form. Furthermore this decks includes many other synergies with vanilla wolfs. Almost every lord buffs werewolfs and wolfs alike. Therefore the second strategie in going wide with a bunch of wolf tokens also worked great for me in the past.

Flipping the werewolfs is pretty easy if you have vedalken orrery or vivien in play. Both cards allow you to play in instant speed so you do not need to play things on your own turn.


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