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RTR Standard deck in the making. I pulled a Vraska the Unseen at the prerelease and because of that I really want to make her work, because she seems like a really fun and flavorful planeswalker.


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After some play testing on Cockatrice I've decided to change the sideboard around a bit. Also after playing a mirror match up I noticed the staying power of Wolfir Avenger over Vampire Nighthawk. So I decided to make the switch, maybe it was just because he was managing to snag my Vampire Nighthawk with his own Olivia Voldaren but I'll test it out and maybe throw one of them in the side and the other main. Also got rid of the Wolfir Silverheart and added another Olivia Voldaren. She is just such a better card. Still continuing to test. It seems like it will be a viable archetype.

Sidenote: While I have been unable to win with Vraska the Unseens ultimate yet, I've managed to still pop it and bring players to do desperate things. Her -3 is still incredibly useful, and her +1 just means if they avoid her she only gets scarier. I'm liking her more than Liliana of the Veil because I dislike the idea of also putting myself at card disadvantage.


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