"You teach me fighting but you talk about peace. How do you reconcile the two?" "It is better to be a warrior in a garden than to be a gardener in a war" - Unkown Sensei

This is my 3rd deck with a samurai as the general. I did this one, not only because I am trying to make 1 deck with one samurai of each color (sadly no blue samurai) but also because I really liked of this Aikido deck concept. There is not much to say about it, basicly the deck is all about preventing and/or redirecting damage to your opponents, their creatures or both. It's a very passive and reactive playstyle.

All credit goes to wraya2, I used the deck created by him/her as a base for mine. Actually it almost the same deck with only some small changes. You can check it here Konda's Yojimbo Learns Aikido.

My other samurai decks:

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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