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Rakdos will punish you for any work you make him do. I decided to embrace the fact that I'm never going to really have permanents with Rakdos. My game plan is to either combo out with Morality Shift, Doomsday or hate other players out of the game and turn demons sideways. If I am going to suffer im going to make you suffer with me.

It is necessary to be able to control the board to allow your demons to get through and to make sure you can keep your opponet's tempo around yours. Board wipes (i.e.; Damnation, Toxic Deluge , Blasphemous Act, Black Sun's Zenith, etc.), mass land destruction (i.e.; Keldon Firebombers, Wildfire, Death Cloud), Sacrifice effects Curse of the Cabal, Pox, Death Cloud, Malfegor, Living Death, etc.) will enable you to get Rakdos and your other fatties through.

If your meta sees a lot of Avacyn, Angel of Hope type cards use Malfegor, Hour of Devastation and Black Sun's Zenith.

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