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"I used to be an adventurer like you .. Then I took an arrow to the knee."

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I had always wanted to construct a dragon deck. It took me until seeing Smellygoat11's dragon deck, How to Train Your-- Oh Sweet Mother of God..., that I decided to put any effort into it. Where most dragon decks use cards to spit out tokens like Ultvara Hellkite or Dragon Broodmother, mine focuses on board removal with cards like Steel Hellkite and Balefire Dragon. I needed a large mana base to make it as fast as possible. Like turn 3 dragon fast. The result was as follows.


In Depth Description


Dragons: As stated above, I wanted my dragons to control what is on the board instea dof putting out tokens. Thundermaw Hellkite is kind of the star of this deck because he allows for Steel Hellkite and Balefire Dragon to get through which will then trigger their abilities. I use to have Scourge of Ridges here for more board control. But due to speed sake, I decided to go with Hellkite Charger.


Mana Ramps: Yes, that is a lot of ramping. And it has good reason. Turn 3 Steel Hellkite and turn 2 Harmonize. Arbor Elf and and Utopia Sprawl is an incredible combo for mana! resulting in 4 mana from one land. Voyaging Satyr also works for this combo if Arbor Elf doesn't show up and so i can optimize Utopia Sprawl to it's fullest. The more Utopia Sprawls, Arbor Elf's, and Voyaging Satyrs the better. Birds of Paradise is just an awesome one drop mana ramp. I admit my mana ramp is a bit squishy and vulnerable, but a turn 3 dragon is undeniable.


Land: I chose to go with 24 land since I really can't afford to miss a land drop late. Besides, I have Harmonize to get me through those land blocks. I really don;t want to put in any more non-basic land than Rootbound Crag since Utopia Sprawl has to be attached to a forest.


Removal: I made the rough decision to go with Mizzium Mortars over Lightning Bolt and Flame Slash because of the overload. Like I said, I want to do board control with this and the overload gets rid of practically everything. Mana really isn't an issue with my ramps so the overload cost shouldn't be a problem. And besides, the regular cost isn't too bad. I don;t want to burn a player's life so I didn't go with Lightning Bolt and like stated above, I love the overload to top Flame Slash ...I did sideboard Flame Slash in case the opponent is playing something insane, quick.


Draw: Harmonize is one of the better draw spells for gruul. I wanted a powerful draw card that wouldn't make me discard, didn't cost too much mana, and didn't give the opponent a choice like Browbeat .


Sideboard: Flame Slash for if the opponent is getting something crazy out quick. Helllkite Tyrant for affinity and even tron. Leyline of Lifeforce for those heavy blue decks. And Slumbering Dragon for those true aggro decks.




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