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Kaervek shows so little mercy, if I had a card for every quantum of mercy he gave, I'd have a whopping...0 cards. But you already knew that.

Even the rest of his deck isn't one to show mercy. His ideal gameplan revolves around locking everyone up in "PMITA Prison"--my nickname for the combo of Null Rod and Mycosynth Lattice, which prevents even mana abilities from being activated--and throwing away the key. You'd better make sure the board is clear or very nearly so at that point, because anything that's left will obviously be aimed at your head after that. Fortunately, Kaervek's deck is equipped with stuff like Flameshot , Fireblast, and Snuff Out (or even--he can't be that crazy, can he?--The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale) that can be played from the confines of a cell, to keep things under control, and then he gets to enact his evil plan. ( Contagion can't be played from jail, since there's no such thing as a black card in hand under Lattice, but it's still zero mana for -4/-2, which can help while saving up for that 6-mana vacation to Esper.)

As everyone knows, the Titans are strong 6/6 creatures for 6 mana. This deck joins in the fun by playing Salvage Titan, which you can play here by sacrificing any 3 permanents once everything becomes an artifact and loses its activated abilities (hint: if you have a Tabernacle up, this would be a really good time to sacrifice it). Unfortunately, since it's made up of "salvage", part of that included a -0/-2 counter it picked up from Greater Werewolf or some trash card like that. Most of the time, it won't matter and your Garbage Man can attack for the win unopposed...assuming there are still any opponents left who haven't already quit the game in disgust.

If Plan A doesn't work, there are a variety of other lockdowns that are almost as evil, that Kaervek still likes to use. Bazaar Trader to give a graveyard-light opponent an Immortal Coil? Check! Leyline-Helm to fire at the biggest threat (other than you, of course)? Check! Pithing Needle or Phyrexian Revoker, naming Lethal Vapors, and followed by just that? It may not be as sturdy or as instant a win, but double check! Or you can just go to town with Crucible-Strip Mine.

Yes, Stony Silence can now be used as a backup Null Rod, which Kaervek doesn't have access to. Adding white to the deck, though, pretty much comes at the expense of red, and cutting the Welder effects actually makes it that much less consistent. So the opponents do at least get that minor reprieve.

It's all in a good day's work...for Kaervek!


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