Kambal, Consul of Allocating

Why Orzhov?

I have been brewing a lot of decks recently and I’ve never really brewed a deck before so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

Why Kambal, Consul of Allocation ?

I like a commander to have a static ability, meaning as soon as it’s in play we can get value from it, it doesn’t cost us any more mana and it doesn’t require tapping or attacking with the creature.

Because of Kambal’s ability we want to make sure we really capitalise on all of the lifegain. We’re running creatures like Ajani's Pridemate that can become very big if they go unchecked. If an opponent wants to remove these creatures it’ll cost them 2 life, which will trigger the other lifegain effects.

We’re running well of dreams to keep our hand full, every time we gain life, we can just pay it straight back to draw cards.

Artherflux reservoir will be an instant kill if someone else at the table is getting very threatening but we’d need to be at around 65/70 life to use this with out getting dangerously close to 0.

Like any sacrifice themed deck worth it’s salt, we’re running a lot of death triggers.

Blood Artist effects will win us the game.

Grim Haruspex to keep the hand full.

We’re also running pawn and Pitiless plunderer for ramp

Requiem Angel paired with some other combos can creature infinite tokens for infinite feat triggers.


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