WBG Primal Reflections

Modern Multiplayer

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Based on the deck described in this article: http://www.channelfireball.com/home/woo-brews-primal-surging-for-billions/

Originally I threw this together for standard with what I had and minimal purchases. Now I am looking to improve this deck for play in a modern multiplayer group.

I want to maintain the Primal Surge/Infinite Reflection combo win condition, but am looking for suggestions on the following.

  • Tutor cards capable of pulling all other instants/sorceries from my deck to maximize the effect of Primal Surge
  • Non mana dork mana ramp cards. Preferably creature based cards like Solumn's Simulacrum or Yavimaya Elder. There are a lot of board wipes running in this group.
  • Creatures that would be fun targets for Infinite Reflection.
  • Any other critics/suggestions



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