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With the new sets there is a bunch of token options, this is my take help is welcomed.


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Changed some things around after the new set. Thinking about moving the reinforcements to the sideboard to add in another gather the townsfolk and possibly an o-ring. But I was also thinking of switching the doomsayers out for some silverblade paladins as they would pair well with a pumped champion or making the monk a double striker that doesn't tap. Another possible change I was thinking of was switching the monks out for angelic overseers or even keep them in the sideboard to have the option between the two because the overseers work well against removal decks and big creatures as it gains indestructible as long as you control a human. Would work well against decks running deathtouch guys in the form of nightshade peddler or the mirror match against another vault letting you swing without worry, would also be a good choice to pair with if the paladins go in. Let me know what you guys think as help is appreciated.

Edit: I also got some terminus on the way and was thinking of moving two into the side just to interchange with the DoJ when coming across undying decks. Ideas on this is welcomed as well


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