Trying to make a Modern Flying deck.

Favorable Winds - Anthem that buff all my creatures, this is what this deck is all about.

Pride of the Clouds - Can get rather beefy quickly.

Serra Avenger - Great card for 2 mana, I don't mind waiting, I've got plenty to do until turn 4.

Wall of Denial - My Favorite wall, Hard to get past, especially when it's been buffed.

Plumeveil - Can surprise your opponent by casting this after they've declared attackers.

Vendilion Clique - used to get rid of that Hurricane or Consume the Meek they're holding.

Aven Mimeomancer - Can help buff up the weaker creatures you played earlier.

Teferi's Moat - Once this hits the board it's pretty much game unless your opponent has flying or can do something about it.

Godhead of Awe - Most opponents won't like this card very much. Also has synergy with Aven Mimeomancer, Pride of the Clouds and Esper Stormblade

Celestial Colonnade - This can lay a beating late game when you have the mana for it.

Moorland Haunt - Helps salvage your losses with more flyers.

Still looking to improve upon it as a whole. Please playtest and let me know what you think.


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